Pros / It provides 85-plus exercises and has a compact, lightweight design.

Cons / Its MSRP is above $2,000, and how it works is hard to conceptualize at first glance.

 Verdict / The Total Gym FIT doesn’t look like a typical home gym, but it’s one of the most versatile machines we reviewed. It’s also the most expensive. Your body weight provides the resistance, and it gives you 85-plus exercise options.

The Total Gym FIT is a unique home gym that looks nothing like the other machines we reviewed, despite its comparable functionality. Although its MSRP is more than $2,300, Total Gym promotes the FIT as being perpetually on sale for much less.

The FIT is Total Gym’s newest home gym model and has twice the resistance levels of the popular Total Gym XLS endorsed by Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley and Wesley Snipes. It provides you with 85-plus exercise options designed for strength training, cardiovascular fitness, circuit training and stretching, and claims excellent back and joint support.

This home gym features a glide board on a pulley and cable system and can accommodate users up to 450 pounds. Its resistance is created by your body weight, and the workout gets more challenging as you elevate the board to one of 12 levels. It comes with an ab crunch accessory, a two-piece wing attachment, a leg pulley accessory and an upgraded squat stand. You also get two ankle cuffs, a nutrition guide, a wall chart and a library of workout DVDs.

We chose the Total Gym FIT as the best home gym for small spaces because it weighs just 66 pounds, and it’s easy to transport and store. Its dimensions are 93 x 18.5 x 44.5 inches (length, width and height), and it folds to just 50.5 x 18.5 x 8.5 inches. This makes it by far the lightest and most narrow machine we reviewed. The widest and heaviest is the Yukon Wolverine. At 77 inches wide and 500 pounds, the Wolverine is a bulky multi-station system that accommodates four users at a time. If you purchase additional accessories, two people can use the FIT machine at once. The Bodycraft Galena Pro can likewise be shared by two users.

The FIT comes standard with features equivalent to an arm curl, a mid-pulley station and stations for pulls and presses, leg development and squats. Optional attachments to enhance your workouts include a press-up bar, dip bar, roller, CycloTrainer and Pilates kit.

Total Gym warranties the FIT’s frame for a lifetime and provides a 2-year guarantee on parts. The company has live chat service for sales and provides support by phone and email after your purchase.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Gym Design

Base Footprint (l x w x h, inches)
93 X 18.5 X 44.5
Unit Weight (pounds)
Pulley & Cable System
Upgradeable Resistance Capacity

Included Items

Ab Strap or Harness
Ankle Cuff/Strap
Instructional Guides/Wall Charts
Instructional Videos
Extras & Optional Attachments

Gym Functionality

Resistance Technology
Exercise Options
Maximum User Weight (pounds)
Standard Resistance (pounds)
Users at One Time
Full Body Workout

Help & Support

Frame Warranty
Phone and Email Support
Additional Support Options