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Life Fitness G2 Review

The Life Fitness G2 has a solid reputation as an efficient strength training system.

Our Verdict

The Life Fitness G2 is a functional home gym with upgradeable resistance capacity. It provides 25 exercises for a full-body workout and has an optional leg press attachment.


  • Durable and easy to use, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It costs more than comparable home gyms, and no training videos are available.
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The Life Fitness G2 has a solid reputation as an efficient strength training system. It’s marketed as having a space-saving design, but its dimensions are midrange among the machines we reviewed. The Total Gym FIT is the smallest home gym we evaluated, while the multi-user Yukon Wolverine is the largest. Its resistance is provided by an upgradeable weight stack that comes standard with 160 pounds and can be increased to 210 pounds. The maximum user weight supported by this machine is 300 pounds.

The G2 has an MSRP of just over $1,500 and is priced comparably with the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE. While the G2 gives you 25 exercise options, the Bowflex machine offers 70 and the Bio Force provides 100. If you purchase the G2’s optional leg press and foam roller tool, you’ll be able to perform more exercises. However, the machine will give you a total body workout even without these extras. It comes standard with high and mid-pulley stations, a leg extension and curl, an arm press and a chest press. You’ll also get a lat bar, a lat row bar, an exercise booklet and an ankle strap.

Life Fitness describes the G2’s type of motion as “fixed,” with defined paths of motion that work your muscles in a biomechanically correct way. The specific muscle groups you’ll engage as you build strength are abs and obliques, biceps, chest, lower body, shoulders, back and triceps.

The dimensions of the G2 are 71 x 48 x 83 inches (length, width and height). This machine weighs 379 pounds. Life Fitness notes within the G2’s list of specifications that the recommended space required for this home gym is 120 x 96 inches (length and width) without a leg press and 120 x 120 inches with this attachment. The additional space allows you to get a full range of motion as you work out.

“Space availability in your home can be very important,” said Scott McDonald, CEO of Body-Solid. “Since these machines come in various sizes…you want to make sure you can fit the product in that space. Both height and working area factor into this. Note that working area is generally not the actual footprint of the gym but somewhat larger as the exercises are sometimes done from outside the equipment’s footprint.”

Life Fitness provides a lifetime warranty on the G2’s frame, welds, pulleys and parts. Upholstery pads and cables are guaranteed for three years. This is some of the best consumer protection we found. You can reach Life Fitness’ customer service by phone, email and live chat.