Pros / This GE boasts 5 cubic feet of cooking space in each oven.

Cons / There is no convection technology on this product.

 Verdict / The GE is the most affordable double oven in our lineup and it comes with a nice feature package and generous capacity. It is an excellent option for big families or if you frequently cook for large groups.

The ovens of the GE JT3500EJES boast 5 cubic feet of cooking space each, making it one of the largest wall double ovens available. It also features powerful cooking performance and some features that make cooking an assortment of dishes simple. This GE oven has a solid feature package, and it is the most affordable oven in our lineup.

This electric wall double oven uses traditional thermal cooking technology in both ovens. Other models in our comparison have convection cooking in one or both ovens. The Frigidaire FGET3065PF is one that has convection cooking in both. With convection technology, a small fan inside the oven circulates the hot air. This gives you faster cook times and more evenly cooked food than traditional thermal cooking technology.

Both ovens in this GE model feature 5 cubic feet of cooking space. This allows you to cook large items such as turkeys, or multiple dishes at once. It also provides touch controls and comes in four color options: black, slate, stainless steel and white.

This oven has both heat and steam self-cleaning. Heat cleaning involves the use of chemicals and is good for getting rid of tough stains and grime. The steam clean is faster and is nice for regular maintenance. This oven has several other nice features like automatic shut-off for when the oven is left on too long, a clock and timer, and warming options. There is also a delayed bake setting, which postpones the oven's cooking cycle until a specified time to ensure your food finishes cooking right when you need it.

While this GE oven has a nice overall feature package, it is missing a few things. There is no built-in temperature probe to help you quickly and easily check the internal temperature of dishes. It also lacks extras like defrost, dehydrate and rapid preheat settings to speed up cooking processes. In this price range we didn’t expect it to be fully loaded with all the extras, and it’s not. It comes with a standard one-year warranty and has all the support options, like an online manual and phone support, if you have issues after installing it.

The GE JT3500EJES is an electric wall double oven that excels with its cooking performance and design. The large 5 cubic feet of cooking space is one of its best features. The GE oven allows you to use either steam or heat self-cleaning and includes extras like delayed bake and warming options. Despite the features and settings it lacks, it offers plenty to help you make your favorite dishes.

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