Pros / This wall double oven features defrost and dehydrate options.

Cons / It is pricey and cooking space is limited.

 Verdict / This oven comes with some unusual features that make it a good choice for food storage enthusiasts, but it is pricey and lacks some of the more common features like touch controls.

The Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS is an electric wall double oven that features convection capabilities and 4.3 cubic feet of cooking space in both the upper and lower ovens, which is on the small end when compared with other ovens in our comparison. It also features a meat probe in the upper oven to ensure your food is cooked to the optimal internal temperature This oven is available in three different finishes to match varying décor.

This Viking unit is more expensive than the other double wall ovens we reviewed, but it is a high-quality oven with some unusual features. Some of its standout settings include a defrost and dehydrate setting. The dehydrate option is not common in wall ovens, and it allows you to make your own fruit leather, beef jerky and more without having to purchase a separate appliance. This can make it a good choice for hunters or those interested in food storage.

This Viking oven also provides a delayed bake option, which allows you to program the oven to turn on at some future time. A meat probe is built into the upper oven to give you a precise reading of the internal temperature of your dishes. However, there is no setting to keep your food warm without overcooking it, nor is there a rapid preheat option to heat the oven at a faster rate than the standard preheat setting. If these are important features for you, the Frigidaire FGET3065PF is a more affordable oven with convection cooking, rapid preheat, warming features and a larger capacity.

This built-in wall double oven boasts convection capabilities in both oven cavities. This means you can turn on a small fan inside the oven that circulates the hot air throughout, cooking food faster and more evenly than a standard thermal oven. Both the upper and lower ovens feature 4.3 cubic feet of cooking space, making this one of the smaller-capacity 30-inch double ovens on the market.

You can choose from three exterior finishes for this oven: stainless steel, black and white. This Viking 3 Series appliance also features knobs to control each oven. You simply turn the knob to your desired temperature or feature to start the heating. It doesn't have touch controls, though, which tend to be easier to use and clean. This oven is covered with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. This is the average time products in this category are covered under warranty, and we hoped for better coverage given its price.

The Viking 3 Series RVDOE330SS has some nice features including convection capabilities and uncommon defrost and dehydrate settings. It also offers three exterior finishes that will let you match the décor of your kitchen. While it is quite expensive and lacks touch controls and such features as a warming setting or rapid preheat, its specialty features make it a good choice for some, such as food storage enthusiasts.

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