Pros / The quick-cook feature allows for one-button food preparation.

Cons / This over-range microwave circulate less air than others.

 Verdict / The Frigidaire LFMV1645TF is missing a few things we expect in its price range, but it also offers some great features, including a coating that resists fingerprints.

The Frigidaire LFMV1645TF has lots of wattage for speedy cooking, a quick-cook feature for one-button food preparation, and fingerprint-resistant coating, so it is easy to keep clean. This microwave is below average in a few areas, but it will still work just fine for most households.

This is almost the most expensive unit we compared and that is a definite drawback. Over-the-range microwaves sort of offer two appliances in one – if you count their venting fans – so they are typically more expensive than countertop models. The bigger problem than price is that it lacks many of the features we looked for, features that other microwaves have, even less expensive ones. For a more feature-packed option, consider the Kenmore 80333.

In this price range we expect to see things like warm hold, which will keep dishes toasty after a cycle, until you are ready to consume them. This microwave does not have that. We also expect sensor cooking, which means the microwave detects moisture levels and adjusts cooking time automatically. This microwave does not have that either.

It also ties for the least air movement, circulating 220 cubic feet per minute, which might leave you with a smokier kitchen than you want. There wasn't a ton of variation among these microwaves on airflow, but we would expect one of the more expensive ones to have better airflow, not worse. Same story with the warranty. One of the more expensive ones like this should have a better warranty, not just the standard one-year coverage on everything.

It does have a handful of presets for specific foods, including popcorn, potato and beverages. Other microwaves have more, but at least there are some time-saving options. It also has a child lock, so none of the kids end up testing any functions on their toys.

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  2. 6  Frigidaire LFMV1645TF
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The Frigidaire LFMV1645TF offers convenient quick-cook options for one-button food preparation. In most ways it was below expectations, though, especially considering its relatively high price. It suffers from less air movement, fewer preset buttons and a lackluster warranty. It's not a bad microwave. We just expect more at this price.

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