Pros / With all the color choices you are sure to get the right one for your décor.

Cons / Lack of sensor cooking means you are largely on your own for reheating times and temperatures.

 Verdict / This has the power and most of the features we were looking for, but it is a little overpriced considering what it is missing.

The GE JVM3160RFSS almost made the cut for the top three, but it is missing a few helpful features and is a bit pricey considering what it lacks. It has some useful features that a few more expensive ones do not, so that makes it stand out in good ways. For one thing it has more color options than any other microwave we compared. You can choose from five, which should ensure a nice cohesive look in your kitchen.

This one has more quick cook options than most, too. There are six numbered keys that allow you to start a cycle with just one button from one to six minutes long. Some competitors that had quick cook buttons had only three, so the bigger variety is nice. The warm power setting will keep food at a good temperature until you are ready to eat, even if it is quite a while after the end of the cycle. That's not exactly as good as an official warm and hold button, but it will serve some of the same function.

There are fewer presets on this one than most, but it has at least the three that are probably most often used – popcorn, beverage and potato. Other machines had more than twice as many presets. That is a subtle difference, but not having to figure out times and temperatures for those common items is quite convenient. Sensor cooking is another potential time-saver because it automatically adjusts times and temperatures based on the steam coming off your food, but this microwave does not offer it. Check out the Kenmore 80333 for one with sensor cooking.

You get more control over cooktop light and fan speeds with the JVM3160RFSS compared to most – two fan speeds and two light levels. It also moves 300 cubic feet of air per minute, which is quite a lot.

This unit comes with a basic 1-year warranty on everything. We expected more from one in this price range since even some cheaper ones cover the main component for 10 years.

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The GE JVM3160RFSS has a limited number of presets and lacks sensor cooking. Also, it's warranty is not great. It has a lot of quick-cook options, though and more color options than the rest of the pack. In terms of wattage and airflow it is right on par with the rest so it is a decent purchase.

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