Pros / The fan and the cooktop light both have more than one setting.

Cons / You do not have the option of shutting off the sound.

 Verdict / The Samsung ME16K3000AS has a nice strong warranty, but it lacks several other features we value.

The Samsung ME16K3000AS lacks some features we looked for, but it stands out for having a better warranty than most. Samsung covers the magnetron for 10 years, which is 10 times what most in our comparison offer. A broken magnetron can be more expensive than replacing the microwave, so that coverage offers peace of mind. There were only two microwaves that cost less than this one in our comparison, so the longer warranty coverage is pretty impressive.

It lacks some other features we value, though. You cannot shut off the sound or turntable, for instance. Those are not hugely important features, but the option is nice, especially if you have any kids napping nearby. Also, it's nice to stop the turntable from spinning when you prepare large quantities of food. Microwaves are used most often for reheating plates and popping popcorn but in a family household there may be an occasional large tray that will collide into the sides as it attempts to rotate during a cooking cycle if you can't shut down the turntable.

This one offers four preset buttons for specific foods – popcorn, potatoes, pizza and veggies. These can help take the guesswork out of setting times and power levels when cooking those items. Other microwaves had even more presets, but four is respectable. If you like more presets, check out the Insignia NS-OTR16SS8. The ME16K3000AS does not offer sensor cooking, which measures humidity levels and adjusts cooking times based on level of doneness, so that is one drawback.

You get multiple settings for both the fan speeds and cooktop light. There were many that didn't offer that. The fan can move up to 300 cubic feet per minute and that ties it for the most, though there wasn't a huge range among those we compared.

You do not get multiple color choices with this Samsung, but the stainless steel finish is popular and fits into most kitchen styles just fine. You also will not get a shelf, like some competitors offer. That can be a nice way to cook more than one thing at once.

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A strong warranty sets the Samsung ME16K3000AS apart, but this microwave also lacks a lot of features, with no sensor cooking, warm hold or quick cook options. You also cannot shut off the turntable or sound. There are a few preset buttons, though, and the price is below average, so it still has plenty to like.

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