Black & Decker is perhaps best known for its range of reliable tools, but its well-priced Brew 'n Go one cup coffee maker is worth a look. With its decent reservoir and reliance on ground coffee rather than coffee pods or K-Cups, along with a great price, this single-cup coffee maker grabbed our attention.

Black & Decker tends to focus on the utilitarian aspects of its appliances, and the Brew 'n Go personal coffee maker is no different. It's not the prettiest once-cup coffee maker you'll ever see, but it does brew a decent cup using ground coffee. While it lacks a brew strength function, you'll easily be able to adjust the end result by adding more or less coffee to the included filter to make it stronger or weaker respectively. If you really want to use K-Cups or coffee pods, check out the Bunn My Cafe MCU.

The included mug is a bonus as well, as it's designed to work seamlessly with the machine. Plus, it fits into most standard car mug holders so that you can enjoy coffee on the go. This does mean that the cup size is limited to one option. Its reservoir is designed to fill that cup, so you have to refill it each time you want a fresh cup. However, that means water isn't left hanging around at the end of the day, ensuring a fresh, clean-tasting brew each morning.

The permanent filter can be placed in the dishwasher, along with the travel mug, and the rest of the one-cup coffee maker requires minimal maintenance. The mug is specific to the machine, though, so be sure to look after it as replacements are not particularly cheap.

What really sets the Brew 'n Go personal coffee maker apart is its ease of use. Once you've added the water and the coffee and pressed "on," there's very little else you have to do. There are no menus or complicated options, so it's ideal if you just want something that works when it's supposed to. It can also make tea and hot chocolate if you remove the filter and ensure there are no grinds left.

This machine doesn't let you customize your brew much, and its inability to take pods or K-Cups means that certain parts need regular washing. That said, the Black & Decker Brew 'n Go is great little machine for the price, and it delivers a decent-tasting cup of joe once you've determined the precise amount of coffee that works for you.

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