Pros / It has 300 steam holes, which is great for steaming projects.

Cons / It could have a larger water reservoir capacity.

 Verdict / This is a well-built iron with great steam capacity and a variety of convenience and safety features, making it the best iron we reviewed.

The Rowenta DW2070 Iron has high wattage and an array of steam options and settings, so you can easily work on a variety of fabric projects. It has self-cleaning and anti-mineral deposit systems in place to extend product longevity. Its convenient features make it easy to use. 

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  • Cord Length
  • Weight
  • Reservoir Capacity
  • Power
  • Heating Speed
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Steam Regeneration Time
  1. How long the device's cord is.
    A higher number is better.
  2. 1  Rowenta
    9.0 Feet
  3. 2  T-fal
    12.0 Feet
  4. 3  Shark
    8.0 Feet
  5. Category Average
    8.56 Feet


This steam iron has 1,600 watts and a variety of steam options. Its 300 steam holes let steam circulate through the soleplate to provide the most steam of any iron on our lineup. The iron works well for vertical steaming, and you only need to wait about 10 seconds between each series of steam bursts. An easy-to-reach dial lets you adjust the steam intensity.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel and measures 9.25 inches long. It has an open design and a tapered tip, which makes it easy for you to iron around buttons and in other tricky areas. The DW2070 heats up quickly – in about 24 seconds – to its lowest setting and can reach temperatures over 175 degrees Fahrenheit. This range gives you more options for the types of fabrics you can work with. The iron worked well with all the types of fabrics we tested, eliminating most if not all wrinkles with little effort.

Built into the iron are anti-calcium and anti-scale systems, which reduce and remove mineral buildup from the inner soleplate area. These features keep the iron in good working condition for a long time. It also has an anti-drip function, which keeps water and any other impurities from leaking out of the soleplate while it heats up and during use.

Ease of Use

The DW2070 is easy to hold and maneuver, and it glides smoothly over all fabric types. The iron is also lightweight, weighing just 2.43 pounds, though its construction is well balanced, making it easy to maneuver. As we tested it, it felt very ergonomic. The soft rubberized grip makes it easy to hold. Even its interface is pleasant and easy to understand. All buttons and dials are easy to reach without stretching while you hold the handle. However, if you prefer a digital display, check out the Singer Expert Finish.

Its cord is 9 feet long, which gives you enough freedom from the outlet to move around while you iron or steam. Its swivel function keeps the cord as much out of your way as possible. For further convenience, the iron has a temperature-ready alert light that signals you when the iron has heated up to your specified temperature.

Filling up the iron's built-in water reservoir is easy to do, and it holds 8.45 ounces, a moderately large amount. This large capacity means you won't have to refill as often while you work as you would with a smaller tank. The reservoir is transparent, so it is easy to see the current water level, and the sealed reservoir cover means no leaking during use or if the iron tips over.


If you leave the iron unused for a period of time, its built-in safety feature kicks in, automatically shutting the iron off. This occurs if you leave it upright for eight minutes, or for 30 seconds face-down or on its side. This is a good safety feature for when you get an unexpected phone call or there is an emergency and you have to leave in a hurry.

Warranty & Support

The DW2070 comes with a five-year warranty from Rowenta, which is longer than most others, so you can use the iron for some time with peace of mind. Rowenta also posts a digital copy of the iron's owner manual on its website, as well as a section for tips, questions and advice for your product and for various projects. It even has a section where you can search for product repair centers or places to buy spare parts and accessories.

Should you have product questions or concerns, you can speak to a Rowenta customer service representative via telephone or online form. Rowenta also gives you the option to set up an account with it, which stores your order history, lets you customize your support and sends you notifications from the company.


The Rowenta DW2070 is a powerful iron that is equally capable of ironing and steaming well. It has self-cleaning and anti-mineral systems to keep it clean and running for a long time, as well as safety features. Its weight is balanced, which helps it run smoothly over any fabric. Its various steam options allow you to use it on any type of fabric project.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Fabric Compatibility

Wool Blend

Ease of Use

Cord Length (feet)
Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)
Reservoir Capacity (ounces)
Reservoir Type
Temperature-Ready Alert
Anti-Drip System
Intuitive Interface
Transparent Reservoir
Soft Grip
Swivel Cord
Easy-to-Fill Reservoir
Sealed Reservoir Cover
Ergonomic Handle
Digital Display


Upright Auto Shut Off (minutes)
Horizontal Auto Shut Off (seconds)
Soleplate Auto Shut Off (seconds)

Warranty & Support

5 Years
Online Manual
Live Chat


Power (watts)
Steam Holes
Soleplate Shape
Heating Speed (seconds)
Soleplate Material
Stainless Steel
Maximum Temperature
Soleplate Length (inches)
Steam Regeneration Time (seconds)
Fabric Option Quantity
Adjustable Steam
Vertical Steam
Steam Burst
Steam-Circulating Soleplate
Open Soleplate
Anti-Calcium System
Anti-Scale System
Scratch-Resistant Soleplate