Versatile and robust, the Black & Decker HH2455 offers a large cutting capacity and a lightweight construction. As a corded electric hedge trimmer, it produces no emissions to pollute the environment.

With a 24-inch dual-action blade and a maximum cutting capacity of 0.75 inches, the muscular Black & Decker HH2455 is suited to all hedge trimming tasks. The blade has minimal vibration, even when cutting through thick, woody matter and dense undergrowth, so it's comfortable to use.

This electric hedge trimmer is also agile, giving you precise enough control to comfortably trim delicate formal shrubbery. The 10.5-inch blades are made of durable steel that resists rust, so they stay sharp even with extended use. With 2,800 cutting strokes per minute and a 120-volt engine, the trimmer is powerful enough for any hedge.

Unlike cordless hedge trimmers, you have to plug in this model, and the cord is a bit short at 150 feet. This restricts the versatility of this otherwise highly adaptable hedge trimmer, as the average American lawn is about one-fifth an acre. As such, this hedge trimmer is best suited to small and midsize gardens. The cord retention feature helps keep the cord from disconnecting from the power outlet if you attempt to take the machine beyond its reach.

To reduce hand and muscle fatigue, this hedge trimmer has a lock-on switch, allowing you to work continuously without pressing down the button the whole time. The lock-off feature disables this function when you finish or pause to reduce the risk of the machine starting up accidentally.

Since it uses an inline engine, the machine has nice balance and even weight distribution for comfort and ease of use. The handle rotates up to 180 degrees, giving you precise control when cutting vertically or horizontally and allowing you to achieve long, even strokes in any position. For safety, the handle locks into whichever position you choose.

Weighing in at 6.5 pounds, this Black & Decker hedge trimmer is light enough to work with for extended periods comfortably. It does not come with a padded shoulder strap, though, so you cannot rest the trimmer while changing positions or give your arms a break without putting it on the ground.

The Black & Decker HH2455 is a good trimmer for small and midsize spaces with various types of shrubbery. Since this is an electric model, you are restricted by the cord's length while trimming foliage in your yard. However, it is lightweight, makes no emissions and is easy to use.

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