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Pros / The JetPak Therapy System makes it easy to customize your hot tub.

Cons / Bullfrog hot tubs don’t have salt water or UV sanitation options.

 Verdict / Bullfrog has a great selection of optional accessories and a unique jet system, both of which help you design the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle.

Bullfrog Spas is known for its unique JetPak Therapy System, which is made up of interchangeable jet panels you can mix and match to create a custom hot tub. Each JetPak panel serves a different purpose, and they differ from each other based on intensity level, therapeutic benefit and targeted muscle groups.

For example, one of the JetPaks has seven jet streams designed for deep hydrotherapy shoulder massage. Another panel has 42 small jets that give a gentle hydromassage over your entire back. There are 16 JetPaks to choose from, in addition to the standard jet streams that come with the base model you buy.

Bullfrog’s catalog includes models that come with standard upright seating and lounge seats that allow you to recline. All their frames and cabinets are made without wood, so water rot won’t compromise the structure of your hot tub over time. Each spa is insulated with full foam, and Bullfrog's water delivery system uses less plumbing than those used by other hot tub manufacturers we reviewed, like Jacuzzi and Sundance. Both features decrease the amount of electricity needed to run the hot tub and can subsequently save you money.

The company use its WellSpring Water Care System to sanitize and purify your spa water. The pump in this filtration system has dual filters and is designed to run quietly. Using two filters instead of one means more water circulates through the system at a time, so it filters your water quickly and keeps it clean for a long time.

The optional WellSpring Ozone Purifier works in conjunction with Bullfrog’s filtration system to cut back on the chemicals needed for water purification. Bullfrog spas can’t use salt water or UV sanitization to purify water.

Bullfrog’s hot tubs are divided into four series: A Series, R Series, X Series and STIL. The company makes standard, premium and custom hot tubs, with seating for up to 10 people in some spas. Here are a few options:

A8D: The models in the A Series are part of Bullfrog’s premium luxury hot tub line, and the A8D is one of the company's best-selling models. It comfortably holds up to five people and features two lounge areas where you can recline rather than sit upright.

In addition to the standard jet streams, this spa can be built with a maximum of 226 jets, including five JetPaks of your choice. The A8D includes premium spa lighting, Bullfrog’s WellSpring filtration system and touchscreen controls. The controls interact with Bullfrog’s CloudControl app, which allows you to remotely change the temperature and turn the tub on and off from your phone or tablet.

X6R: The models in the X Series come pre-installed with standard jets and don’t allow you to add JetPaks. The X6R is round rather than square or rectangular as most spa models are, and it is large enough to comfortably fit five adults.

While it isn’t customizable, the X6R comes with a total of 21 standard jet streams, an LED light package and a waterfall. It is fully insulated with foam and includes an ozone purifier as part of its filtration system.

R5L: The R Series hot tubs are Bullfrog's midrange models. They offer some of the customized features in the A Series and the cost savings of the X Series. The R5L is the smallest model in the R Series, designed specifically for couples and singles. While it is marketed as an economical two-person spa, it can comfortably seat three people, and it includes one lounger seat.

It allows for two JetPaks of your choice, as well as 14 standard jets. The R5L is also available in a 120-volt plug-and-play configuration, which means you can plug it into a standard outlet instead of having a 220-volt outlet installed by an electrician.

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