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Pros / The brand’s unique CoolZone system is a good option if you live in a hot climate.

Cons / It has a smaller selection of spas than the best manufacturers we reviewed.

 Verdict / Caldera Spas makes great-looking hot tubs and has a large network of dealers to help you pick the right one for your home.

Caldera Spas makes 15 hot tubs, which are divided into three series. This is a small selection compared to the best spa manufacturers we reviewed like Bullfrog and Master Spas. Caldera Spas’ smallest model comfortably seats two adults, while the largest fits eight. The company offers a variety of customization options in its showrooms and online to help you design a hot tub that suits your lifestyle.

The company’s spas have a unique CoolZone system for cold water therapy. CoolZone drops the water temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the tub maintains this temperature until you are ready to heat it up again. This is especially handy in summer months when cooler water is refreshing during the heat of the day and warmer water is more relaxing in the evening.

All Caldera Spas hot tubs include the company’s unique Circuit Therapy system. Each spa seat has a different therapy jet stream that focuses on a single muscle group. As you move around your hot tub, your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, legs and feet all get a deep, tension-relieving, hydrotherapy massage.

You can use Caldera Spas’ Connextion monitoring app on your smartphone or tablet to control your hot tub’s temperature and jet pumps, as well as to lock the spa. You can also send alerts through the app to your local dealer when your spa needs servicing. For this feature to work, you need to connect your hot tub to your home’s Wi-Fi router. This remote monitoring is especially helpful if you have a hot tub at a rental property or vacation home.

Caldera Spas has three hot tub series – Utopia, Paradise and Vacanza. Here are a few popular models in these series:

Martinique: The Martinique is part of the Caldera Spas’ Paradise series. It seats five people, includes a lounge seat and has 34 jets. The tub is insulated with FiberCor foam and equipped with the company’s FROG water care system.

This spa comes with a waterfall, LED lighting and a standard vinyl cover. Optional accessories include wireless audio and TV systems, cover lifters, and spa steps.

Cantabria: This is the biggest hot tub Caldera Spas makes, and it’s designed to seat eight people. As part of the Utopia series, the Cantabria comes with 74 jet streams and includes the full Circuit Therapy system.

You can choose to add lounge or standard upright seats, an audio or TV entertainment system, or a lift cover. This model comes standard with two water falls, LED lighting and the Monarch CD Ozone system to keep the spa clean.

Aventine: Part of the Vacanza series, the Aventine is a two-person outdoor hot tub equipped with 14 jets. It is great option for small spaces – because it is triangular, it is well suited for corners.

It comes with the Caldera Spas FROG filtration system and a lounge seat, and you can choose to add an ozone sanitization system, underwater LED lights and spa steps. The Aventine comes with a soft hot tub cover, but heavier lifting covers are available as an optional accessory.

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