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Pros / Cal Spas has a good selection of optional accessories.

Cons / You can’t control its spas with a mobile app or wireless remote.

 Verdict / Cal Spas has a large network of dealers and one of the biggest selections of hot tubs.

Cal Spas started as a pool company but now exclusively makes hot tubs. Its catalog has over 65 models, including swim spas and in-ground hot tubs. Its spas range in size from two-person units to seven-person units.

Each hot tub is fully insulated and equipped with stainless steel hydro jets. Cal Spas also sells hot tub accessories, including audio systems and customized spa cabinets. Unlike models made by Bullfrog and Sundance Spas, you can’t turn your Cal Spas hot tub on and off or control its temperature with a mobile app or remote control.

The company’s Adjustable Therapy System, or ATS, consists of contoured seats with 14 adjustable jet streams. The jets have seven settings, including gentle, powerful and alternating. Each ATS has its own control panel, separate from the spa’s controls. So, if more than one system is installed in a spa, multiple people can enjoy a personalized hydromassage at the same time.

Cal Spas’ U-Select hydrotherapy system is a collection of 10 unique panels with several jet streams, each dedicated to a specific muscle group or massage action. For example, one U-Select panel has 12 jets that focus on massaging your back, while another panel targets neck joints and the lower back. There is also a panel with 46 small jets designed to calm and soothe your entire back, and it’s a good option if you want a hot tub for relaxation and muscle therapy. U-Select jet panels are only available for hot tubs in the Cal Spas Platinum series.

The brand’s Aquatic Air Therapy (AAT) uses air jets you can repositioned to reach specific joints and muscles. The three types of AAT jets attach to select areas of your spa to create a powerful deep-muscle massage. These jets have their own dedicated control, so you can adjust their pressure separate from the water jets.

Kona: The Kona is part of Cal Spas’ Patio series, and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is one of the smallest hot tubs the company makes, seating only three people. However, it comes with 25 standard jets, a reclining lounge seat with the brand’s Adjustable Therapy System and a pillow headrest.

Some of the extras you can add include LED lighting and water features. This hot tub plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet, so you don’t need to hire an electrician to install it.

Huntington: The Huntington is part of Cal Spas’ Platinum series, and it comes standard with the Adjustable Therapy System. You can install up to six U-Select hydrotherapy jets, adding to the already standard 72 jet streams.

This hot tub comes with more inclusions than any other Cal Spas model, such as several pillowed headrests, premium LED lighting and a 20-inch cascading waterfall. The Huntington is big enough to hold six people and uses a hybrid ozone and UV sanitization system.

Octagon: The Octagon XL is part of Cal Spas’ Inground hot tub series. In fact, it is the largest in-ground model the company makes. It can fit seven adults, though none of the seats are loungers. This means the Octagon is best suited for entertaining, rather than for relaxing or hydrotherapy.

It comes with 26 hydrotherapy jets. Since this is an in-ground model, you may need to prepare the installation site before you can install the hot tub.