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Pros / Its shells have a lifetime guarantee against leaks.

Cons / You can’t control the spas’ settings with a mobile app.

 Verdict / Dimension One Spas has a good selection of uniquely shaped hot tubs and a large network of showrooms to help you decide which one is right for you.

Dimension One Spas is a manufacturer of high-quality hot tubs, and it has showrooms located throughout the United States. Its spas come in sizes ranging from two seats to eight seats.

The company uses eco-friendly building materials and technology to protect the environment and save you money on energy bills. You can’t control the hot tub’s temperature or settings with a mobile app, but the D1 SmartHUB has a large display and intuitive controls to help you manage your spa.

You can add a proprietary water purifier called the ClearZONE Pro to the basic Dimension One pump and filtration system in some models. It infuses ozone, or pure oxygen, into your hot tub water to clean the spa without the harsh chemicals used in traditional filtration systems. This is an eco-friendly purifying system that doesn’t cost a lot to operate. Also, it is unique in that it infuses the water with ozone rather than injecting it like Master Spas’ and Jacuzzi’s ozone systems do.

Dimension One’s Jet Therapy pillow has two adjustable jet streams that help relieve tension in your neck and shoulders. The pillow itself can also be adjusted, so you can find a comfortable fit no matter your height. This is the only manufacturer we reviewed with an adjustable spa pillow.

The UltraLounge is a reclining seat with jet streams located throughout to hit every muscle group. It has sculpted leg contours so your knees relax in a natural bent position, rather than sticking straight out in front of you. The UltraLounge comes with an adjustable Jet Therapy pillow.

Here are some of the models offered by Dimension One.

Sarena Bay: This is a curvilinear hot tub, which means it has a mix of rounded corners and straight lines. It features two loungers with individually programed massage sequencers.

The Sarena Bay has 82 individual jet streams and seats seven adults. It comes standard with Dimension One’s Flex Therapy pillow, underwater lighting, a fountain water feature, and the UltraPure Plus water management system that combines ozone and UV sanitation.

Lotus Bay: Dimension One’s Lotus Bay outdoor hot tub can seat up to seven people. It has 67 jets, as well as waterfall features, mood lighting and a Flex Therapy pillow. You can upgrade the spa with an audio system that plays music from any Bluetooth-connected device.

Serenade: The Serenade is part of Dimension One's affordable @Home Collection series, and it seats up to three people. It has an UltraLounge seat with jet streams that focus on every muscle group at the same time and also features a Jet Therapy pillow. You can add extras like an underwater lighting system or upgrade the filtration system to include ClearZONE Pro water purification.

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