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Pros / There is an optional salt water sanitation system.

Cons / Cabinet colors are limited compared to the best manufacturers we reviewed.

 Verdict / Hot Spring is on the cutting-edge of hot tub technology and has a good selection of unique accessories.

Hot Spring makes salt water hot tubs, an uncommon option among spa manufacturers, including some of our favorites like Bullfrog and Master Spas. You can add the ACE salt water system to your water filtration system to help keep water clean and pure without the need for harsh chemicals. Studies have shown that salt water can reduce muscle pain, and it is a natural exfoliant. In addition, it can kill some skin bacteria and is said to absorb body toxins and help regulate the body’s oil production. The salt water system is available as an add-on for all Hot Spring spas in the Highlife, Highlife NXT and Limelight series, and it comes standard on the brand’s high-end models.

The company offers seven types of jet streams, and they differ by the effects they produce and muscles they target. For example, one jet rotates to help relieve deep tension, and another is designed to feel like a professional massage therapist’s fingers. Most of the individual jet streams are adjustable, so you can direct them to the areas you need massaged the most.

Some Hot Spring spas include Moto-Massage DX moving jets, which are powerful water streams that sweep up and down your back to give a hydromassage. You can opt to also include the Quartet Jet System – a set of four jets installed above the Moto-Massage DX to provide targeted relief in your neck and shoulders. The Moto-Massage jet comes standard with most Hot Spring hot tubs, though it is an extra option for the more affordable spas in the company’s catalog.

Hot Spring makes 22 hot tubs, divided in four series. They range from two seaters to spas large enough to hold eight adults. The cabinet options are limited compared to those offered by other manufacturers we reviewed.

Here are few Hot Spring spas to consider:

Envoy: The Envoy is one of Hot Spring’s most popular hot tubs. It seats five people and comes with all the best technology the company offers, including the ACE salt water system, Moto-Massage DX jets and illuminated water features. You can manage the pumps, heating system and ACE system from your mobile device with the Connextion mobile app. In addition, you can add a lifting cover, a wireless sound system and spa steps.

Gleam: The Gleam, part of the Limelight series, is the largest hot tub Hot Spring offers. It seats up to eight people and is made for entertaining and relaxing.

This spa has 73 total jet streams, including a Moto-Massage DX jet. It also includes a waterfall, a lighting package with a timer and a cover lifter. You have the option to add the ACE salt water system to this hot tub and can choose to include a wireless sound system that can play music or podcasts from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

TX: The TX is part of Hot Spring’s affordable Hot Spot collection. It is the smallest model in the series, holding only two people. Both seats are loungers, so you sit in a reclined position rather than upright.

It comes standard with 10 jet streams, including a Moto-Massage jet. Several of the other jets are adjustable, so you can move them to target sore muscles. The TX is triangular, so it fits in corners and doesn’t take up much space in your backyard. You can purchase optional accessories, including a wireless sound system and spa steps, to go with your TX hot tub.