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Pros / Every spa has a magnetic therapy seat.

Cons / You need a proprietary Wi-Fi module to control settings with a mobile app.

 Verdict / Master Spas are meticulously built in the U.S. and have a good selection of optional accessories.

Master Spas has dealers throughout the United States, and they must go through rigorous training and meet high customer satisfaction standards to sell its hot tubs. It manufactures many types of spas, including the Michael Phelps Legend Series for relaxation and the swim spa series, which is designed for swim training.

Each Master Spas hot tub includes the company’s StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat. This proprietary seat has jet streams that point down to provide a deep tissue massage and relieve pain in your shoulders and neck. The included spa pillow keeps your head in place and free from tension while the jets massage your upper body.

Every Master Spas hot tub also includes the Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy system. This unique feature uses magnets placed behind the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat to improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate stiffness. This is the only hot tub brand we reviewed that has a magnetic therapy system.

The Master Blaster Foot Therapy System is a group of 28 jet streams that massage your feet. This therapy stream pumps 200 gallons of water per minute to create a powerful force that helps relieve foot pain. Not all spas come with the Master Blaster, but all Healthy Living hot tubs do.

Master Spas’ largest model seats nine people, which is more than most manufacturers’ biggest spas can hold – Caldera Spas’ and Cal Spas’ biggest models comfortably seat six to seven adults. Each of the company’s series includes a small, two- or three-person hot tub.

Here are a few of the Master Spas models available:

Precision 8: The Precision 8 is the largest hot tub in the Clarity series, which includes value models that are more affordable than typical luxury spas. The Precision 8 model has 48 jets, a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat and a Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System.

The spa has an ergonomic design, with seats that naturally fit the contours of your body as you sit and relax. You can upgrade this hot tub with a wireless sound system and dream lighting.

TS 87.3: The TS 87.3 is part of Master Spas’ Twilight series, which features luxury models designed for relaxation. This spa seats five adults and has 49 jets. It also includes two reclining loungers that provide full body hydromassages, hitting every muscle group while you relax.

Each jet stream has its own control, so you can configure it to the setting that feels best and adjust it to hit where you need pain relief. The TS 87.3 also includes two Master Blaster Foot Therapy Systems and a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat.

HL 628L: The HL 628L has three seats and comes with twice as many jet streams as the other three-person hot tub in Master Spas’ Healthy Living collection. Hot tubs in this series are designed for therapy and wellness.

This model features the Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System; a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat; and 28 hydrotherapy jets designed to manage pain, reduce swelling and provide deep-tissue massages. Optional features include a sound system and a Wi-Fi Module, which connects the spa to your home internet. With this addition, you can manage your hot tub from a mobile device via the Balboa Water Group app.

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