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Pros / Sundance Spas carries all the optional accessories we look for.

Cons / There isn’t a salt water sterilization option.

 Verdict / Sundance Spas has a great selection of hot tubs in every price range, as well as a large network of dealers to help with service and installation.

Sundance Spas makes hot tubs for relaxation and entertainment. Unlike Canadian Spa Company and ThermoSpas, it doesn’t manufacture swim spas or portable spas. Each model Sundance Spas makes has a great selection of customizable features and optional accessories, so you can build the perfect hot tub for your needs.

There are 22 jet stream options, each with a different effect that targets different muscle groups. For example, some jets mimic acupuncture, and you can adjust them to hit specific pressure points in your back, shoulders or legs. Most of the company’s spas have strategically placed jet streams that provide hydrotherapeutic deep-tissue acupressure massage for the neck, shoulders and back. Sundance calls this system Accu-Ssage.

Some Sundance Spas models only allow for two types of jets, while others let you choose up to eight. You can upgrade your jets on some hot tubs to include a stainless steel decorative rim that frames the jet and looks more sophisticated. The company also offers air jets, which let you integrate aromatherapy into your hot tubbing. These SilentAir Injector jets don’t get clogged with oil or fragrance residue.

Sundance Spas includes its CLEARRAY Water Purification System on all models. This system uses UV-C rays to clean and purify your hot tub water, eliminating the need for chemicals like chlorine or bromine. Most of the company’s spas have a quick-release panel that gives you access to the drain and other important components, which makes servicing your hot tub easier. Sundance Spas doesn’t sell models with salt water sanitation systems.

Each spa comes with an electronic control panel, which makes it easy to configure and control your Sundance hot tub. If you choose to include the SunSmart Wi-Fi Kit, you can download a mobile app and sync it with your spa controls. You can then use your phone or tablet to raise or lower the water temperature, start or stop the water purification system, or switch to out-of-town mode to decrease energy use while you are away.

The app also alerts you to any maintenance issues with your spa. In addition, there is an indicator light on the spa cabinet that changes color to let you know when your spa needs maintenance.

Sundance Spas has 24 hot tub models, with the largest holding up to eight adults. Here are some of the best hot tub models with standard features and optional upgrades:

Constance: The Constance is part of Sundance Spas’ energy-efficient Select Series, and it seats up to six adults, making it a good choice for a family. It has a total of 38 jets in six varieties that focus on different effects and muscle groups.

It features a cool-down seat in case you get too hot in the water. This is also a nice place to sit to acclimate yourself to the hot water when you first enter the spa.

The Constance uses the CLEARRAY technology to purify the water. You can also upgrade it to include a Bluetooth audio system.

Tacoma: The Tacoma is a good choice for small spaces – since it is triangular, it fits comfortably in a corner. It is a small, low-profile hot tub that fits two adults and is easy to enter and exit. You can choose from six shell colors and three cabinet colors to match the tub to your current décor.

It uses the CLEARRAY filtration system and comes with 12 total jets in two varieties. You can opt to upgrade to jets with stainless-steel trim. Also, this model can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet, so you don’t need to hire an electrician to install a special outlet.

Aspen: The Aspen is the largest hot tub in the Sundance Spas catalog, with seating for up to eight people. It has a total of 66 jets in eight different varieties. In addition, it comes with a full-body Intelli-Jet seat and illuminated grab bars, and you can include air-only jets to use with aromatherapy oils.

You can also include the SunSmart Wi-Fi Kit that lets you program, maintain and control your spa from a mobile device. Or, if you prefer, you can simply use the icon-driven i-Touch Control Panel.

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