Pros / It is lightweight and blows leaves a good distance.

Cons / It has no extras.

 Verdict / The Tanaka TRB24EAP is a solid leaf blower that performs well overall and can help you get rid of most of the leaves and debris in your yard. But its lack of features like a vacuum and variable speeds make it less versatile when it comes to cleaning up stubborn debris.

The Tanaka TRB24EAP by Hitachi is a lightweight gas-powered leaf blower that can effectively clean up your driveway and sidewalk. It only weighs 8.6 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around even if you have a larger-than-average yard. It is backed by an impressive seven-year warranty. Only one other leaf blower in our product lineup boasts a warranty that long; most tend to be considerably shorter.

This machine is gas powered, which gives you more portability than a corded leaf blower, and its lightweight design, for a gas-powered blower, makes it easy to carry to every corner of your yard. This model needs a 50:1 gas-to-oil mixture. It can blow debris a distance of 17.5 feet, which puts it among the best, compared to other leaf blowers we examined in this category. Its air speed of 170 mph, however, is about average.

The Tanaka's overall performance is on par with much of the competition, but it falls behind when it comes to added features. The best leaf blowers come with extras to help you get the job done faster and easier, like variable speed settings and vacuum attachments. However, this handheld blower only has one speed setting, and no vacuum feature, which limits you when it comes to tasks like getting rid of stubborn debris and clearing dust around a flower bed.

This blower reaches 96.7 decibels, so proper ear protection is a good idea. If you want a quieter leaf blower, consider the Black & Decker LSWV36. The Tanaka does not feature anti-vibration capabilities, which may not matter if you are doing mostly quick jobs in the backyard. You can also buy anti-vibration gloves that are designed to help minimize vibrations while operating power equipment. This is a two-piece blower, so when you're done, you can detach the motor and nozzle for easy storage.


The Tanaka TRB24EAP is a good leaf blower. It is loud and requires you to mix fuels, which some people are not comfortable with. It lacks extras we found on other leaf blowers, like a vacuum and variable speeds, but it has plenty of power and can effectively get rid of leaves in your yard.

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