Pros / Getting set up is easy – you don't even have to measure the soap.

Cons / There is no hose and there aren’t any other tools for cleaning furniture and stairs.

 Verdict / You get about the same stain-removing power as some of the full-sized, higher-priced machines, but there are disadvantages to a machine this small.

The Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact was a relief to use after looking at larger machines. It’s more than a handheld pet spot removing machine, but less than a full-sized machine, which can be overwhelming.

It was about average in terms of stain removal. It took six passes to clear our dried-on grape juice, and it did just fine on dirt, too. An average performance from a carpet cleaner this inexpensive is impressive and surprising. Even more surprising was how well is removed water from carpets. It removed 24 ounces in the same amount of time that some machines extracted less than 10 ounces. This means that you can avoid soggy carpets.

This machine’s compact design makes it a nice option if you need to carry it to a second or third floor on a regular basis. It weighs just 13 pounds. Only the Bissell PowerForce PowerBrush was lighter.

I took the Powerdash Pet Compact to my home and brought it back to the lab, and it was the easiest to transport by far. It also got a perfect score for maneuverability, because it was so easy to move it around furniture and other obstacles. 

Everything was in smaller proportions for this machine, including the cord., which was only 10 feet long – shorter than any other. You will have to constantly find a new plug on bigger jobs. The tank also is small, holding only 2 quarts where others hold up to four. The cleaning path also was noticeably small, at 10 inches. If you need to clean a large area, consider one with a larger cleaning path, such as the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro

There's no room for extras on a machine this small, so you don't get a hose or any accessories for getting into corners or cleaning stairs and furniture. This is just for dealing with soiled carpets, specifically those with pet stains.

This had the highest scores for maintenance and ease of use. You don't even have to measure out soap. You fill the tank to the water line, and then add soap until it reaches the soap line, and you're ready to clean. Tasks like emptying the tank were also easy.

None of the carpet cleaners we used were very quiet overall, but this one was better than most. There were only two that produced less sound: the Bissell PowerLifter Powerbrush and the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.

Hoover offers lots of options for customer support, but the warranty on this machine is only one year. Other machines offered more coverage, though they also cost more, so that is to be expected.

The Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact is the perfect machine for the owner of a new puppy. We liked it better than the handheld spot vacs that are popular because it’s on wheels. Roll it over to the mess and it should be gone in just a few passes.

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