Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs review

Bullfrog Spas hot tubs have some of the most extensive customizable features out there, making them a good fit for anyone who wants to personalize their relaxation.

Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs review

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Bullfrog Spas’ custom approach to hot tub design and modular JetPak systems make it a great choice for tailored-to-you relaxation.


  • +

    JetPak system lets you fully customize your hot tub

  • +

    Variety of lines, prices and models

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    App and smart home compatible


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    Bullfrog does not offer salt water or UV-C sanitation options.

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If you want a hot tub that stands out from the crowd, Bullfrog Spas hot tubs is a good place to start. With one of the most extensive range of customisable features we’ve encountered while reviewing the very best hot tubs, it’s easy to create a hot with some personality. 

Founded by pool builder David Ludlow in 1989, the brand’s goal was to make a hot tub with a difference. That’s when Bullfrog Spas’ signature JetPak design was born, which, according to the Bullfrog Spas website, uses up to 90% less plumping than a traditional spa. 

The jets are inserted into the seat backs, making the design very damage-proof. Since 1997, customers have also been able to pick and choose which JetPaks they fancy the most. Better yet, it’s possible to switch and replace JetPaks depending upon where you want to sit or the type of massage you want, even when the hot tub is installed.

Energy-efficient modular systems are another huge benefit with a Bullfrog Spas hot tub. They give users the peace of mind that they’re being kinder to the environment, and help to keep running costs low at the same time.

Bullfrog Spas have an impressive range of entry-level hot tubs, and with so many customisable options, there’s plenty of scope for playing around with different designs. That’s what makes them such a great place to start for first-time hot tub owners or anyone who wants to create a personalized design for a dime. Their luxury hot tubs are far and few in between, however.

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Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs: Models and choice

  • 28 models and 4 product lines  
  • Variety of designs, shapes and sizes  

There are 29 different hot tub models produced by Bullfrog Spas and two swim spas, making it one of the most extensive product ranges we’ve encountered. Combined with the customizable features on offer, this leaves customers with plenty of choice.  

Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs review

Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs can be customized for any space  (Image credit: Bullfrog)

Bullfrog Spas has a larger proportion of entry-level tubs than premium or luxury hot tubs. Out of all 29 hot models, the A Series, R Series, and X Series are the most populated. There are nine hot tubs in the A Series, seven hot tub models in the R Series, and seven hot tubs in the X Series. All of the models within these three series fall within the mid-level and entry-level price ranges. 

Regardless, if you do want to bag yourself a luxury Bullfrog Spas model, there are four hot tubs in the M Series, which is labeled as the ‘elite class’. They have up to 10 seats and up to seven types of JetPaks. The STIL Spas ‘modern class’ has only two tubs with three JetPaks each, a significant difference.

Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs: Features

  • Not all models are JetPak compatible 
  • Customizable features give maximum control  

Most Bullfrog spas are compatible with the JetPak system, which uses modular seat backs. There are 18 types of JetPak modules for A and R Series hot tubs and six options for the STIL line. Each module focuses on a certain problem area or type of massage, from the RainShower JetPak that has 42 gentle jets for an all-over massage to the high-intensity NeckMasseuse JetPak, which has nine jets. 

It doesn’t offer the Bio-Magnetic therapy of Master Spas, but it’s still a great option for wellness. Beyond the system’s unparalleled customization, the JetPaks also require less tubing than other types of hot tub jets, so there are fewer opportunities for leaks or malfunctions.

Bullfrog spas have all the standard and upgradeable features available with the top hot tub manufacturers, including audio systems, LED lighting, multiple shell and cabinet color options, waterfalls, and sanitation system upgrades. Unlike Cal Spas, Bullfrog Spas don’t have UV-C or saltwater sanitation systems, so may not be suitable for your area. 

Instead, the company uses the dual-filter Wellspring system that cycles through 100% of the water in your hot tub every filtration cycle. You can upgrade to a higher efficiency and quieter water pump, ozone sanitation or in-line sanitation systems, but obviously, this comes at a price. 

In line with higher-end models such as those offered by Sundance Spas, certain Bullfrog models are compatible with the Cloud Control 2 app, which lets you integrate your hot tub into your smart home network. You can control your hot tub through your smartphone using the iOS or Android app. It also supports Google Home and Alexa integration, so is as smart as tubs get. 

Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs: Pricing and value

  • Mid, high and luxury tiers  
  • No prices listed on site 

If you like to know exactly what you’re spending, unfortunately, Bullfrog Spas does not list prices on its website. This is a standard practice for many hot tub brands.

Instead, you must use the ‘Design Studio’ to pick out your desired colors and add features such as JetPaks. Then, you can select your local dealership to get an ‘instant price quote’. This isn’t as long-winded as some of the other processes offered by competitors, where you must reach out to dealerships directly for costing.

In the meantime, Bullfrog Spas has labeled each of their collections with a price range to help customers get a sense for how much they might spend. This is marked as a starting MSRP, meaning that there may still be some deviation in the final cost depending upon your location and dealership.

The Swim Series costs between $36,895 and $43,695. The M series is significantly less expensive, setting you back by $24,345 to $29,845. 

For those who have a stricter budget, The STIL Spas cost between $17,795 and $19,845. This has a similar price range to the R Series, where the hot tubs cost between $10,495 and $18,495. The A Series has a price range of $13,995 and $24,795. 

The X Series is the most affordable of all six collections; the hot tubs cost between $8,695 and $13,795. Compared to other entry-level hot tub brands, who offer tubs from $4,000, this is a fairly high starting MSRP.

Should you buy a Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub?

With 29 hot tub models and customizable designs, Bullfrog Spas leaves customers spoilt for choice. The fully customisable designs give you more agency over exactly what your hot tub will look and act like, even when the tub is already installed in your home or backyard. 

The seat backs can still be swapped out to insert a different type of JetPak, whether you want to switch seats for a different view or start a new type of massage.

While there are a couple of luxury hot tubs on offer, the large majority of the hot tubs at Bullfrog Spas fall in the entry-level to mid-level price range. Still, it’s worth noting that prices begin at MSRP $8,695, which is over double the starting MSRP of competing entry-level hot tubs. Ultimately, if you want a personalized tub for a reasonable price, however, Bullfrog Spas fits the bill.

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