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Caldera Spas Review

Caldera Spas is a good hot tub brand, but it has several fewer options across its three product lines than every other manufacturer we reviewed.

Early Verdict

Caldera Spas is a good spa brand, but it does not have as many hot tub models or extra features as other brands.


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    Caldera spas offer saltwater sanitation and in-line sanitation systems.


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    Caldera Spas had the fewest number of hot tub models of the brands we evaluated.

Caldera Spas has several fewer options across its three product lines than every other manufacturer we reviewed for our guide to the best hot tubs (opens in new tab). The company offers 15 spa models that range from the small, triangular Aventine to the behemoth Cantabria, which seats eight. Caldera offers the main things we looked for in the best hot tub manufacturers, but it doesn’t have the exciting additions of adjustable jets or smart compatibility. For a greater variety of options, check out Cal Spas.

Caldera’s value and entry-level spa collection, the Vacanza Series, has five spas. The smallest, the Aventine, falls into the value-priced range of less than $7,000. Three models fall into the $7,000 to $9,000 price range and seat five, six and seven people. One model is in the $9,000 to $11,000 price range and also seats six. 

The two six-seater models seem to differ only in the number of jets in each: the more expensive has 10 more jets than the less expensive model. The Vacanza line, as well as the other hot tub lines are upgradeable to an in-line sanitation system, which minimizes water upkeep.

The next series up in price is the Paradise series. This series has four tubs that seat three, five, six and seven people, respectively. The price ranges here go up with the number of seats, which also correlates in this case to the number of jets. The two smaller tubs fall into the $9,000 to $11,000 price range, while the larger two fall into the $11,000 to $13,000 range. This series has more jet options than the Vacanza line, as well as more foot and leg jets.

Finally, the Utopia line features standard salt water sanitation systems, touchscreen controls and a more durable cabinet material than the Vacanza and Paradise lines. This line has six models: one each that seats four, seven and eight people, and three that seat six.

All the hot tubs in this collection fall into Caldera’s luxury price category, which is over $13,000. Interestingly, this threshold is rather low, as many spa manufacturers, including Sundance Spas, would put $13,000 squarely in the slightly-lower “premium” category. The fact that Caldera’s pricing numbers scale the ranges down a bit is good for entry- and mid-level shoppers, as it gives that budget range a few more options.

Overall, Caldera Spas is a good spa manufacturer, but it falls a bit short on variety. It does not have the same number of options as most spa brands, and the list of extra features and upgrades is a bit short. It does not offer UV-C or ozone sanitation options, nor do its hot tubs have smart compatibility.

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