Cal Spas Hot Tubs review

Backed by a large customer base, Cal Spas hot tubs has a huge range of hot tubs dedicated to hydrotherapy.

Cal Spas Hot Tubs Review

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Not only does Cal Spas have the largest number of hot tub models of any manufacturer we evaluated, and it also has plenty of upgrade options and features. You might find the site a bit overwhelming, but those who have invested have rated Cal Spas on its high quality products, and good customer service.


  • +

    Large variety in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • +

    Fun extras such as the Fountain of Youth setting

  • +

    Made in the U.S.


  • -

    No indication of pricing available online

  • -

    Overwhelming amount of features

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The Cal Spas hot tubs have gained many loyal supporters since their inception in 1978. That's because they have a healthy combination of good-quality, US-made designs, affordable pricing, and a wide range of features on offer. With 50 hot tub models available, it’s easily the most extensive range we’ve reviewed, leaving customers with plenty of room to explore their options. 

Unlike some of the other best hot tubs out there, Cal Spas doesn’t provide any upfront pricing. However, it has a good reputation for being more affordable than some of the other big luxury brands such as Jacuzzi.

In the way of hydrotherapy, Cal Spas hot tubs have a choice of bench, lounge, or kool seating with ergonomic designs. There are a huge range of hydrotherapy features, making the tubs well-suited to those who are looking for a design that provides relief from aches, pains, and muscle soreness. Different jet types deliver hydrotherapy massages, while the hot tub designs with the patented ATS Plus Seat also make it possible to hop between nine pressure levels using a digital control panel. 

Whatever features you’re looking for, it’s pretty likely that at least one of the Cal Spas hot tubs has it covered. There are several different types of touch screens, multiple types of pumps, and a range of jets including powerful tornado jets, soothing hydrotherapy jets, and tissue massage jets. 

If personalization is important, the Platinum Plus line has the most customizable options, including the option to decide the arrangement of jets and personalize the spa seats. 

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Cal Spas Hot Tubs: Models and choice

  • 51 models broken into six product lines 
  • More premium models have more custom options  

At first glance, Cal Spas has four main hot tub collections. However, it’s a little more complicated than first impressions suggest. Each collection is divided into two categories, Regular or Plus. Therefore, there are actually eight distinct product lines. The Plus category generally adds additional features such as extra jets or pumps.

When it comes to the main collections, the Patio Plus collection is designed for couples. The 14 hot tubs have a cascade waterfall, customizable jets, and multi-coloured LED lights. The 15 models in the Escape Spa Series have additional features, including intuitive touch-screen controls and a polyester cover. 

The Escape Spa X-Series also has 15 hot tubs. There are more premium features in this product line, including elegant polymer cabinet panels and Plug n Play electronic smart controls which provide greater control. Compared to the Patio Plus hot tubs, they have a higher jet count (up to 93). 

The Platinum Series builds upon the previous smart features. Likely to be more pricey, the four hot tubs in this series have between 92 and 94 jets, Alexa connectivity, and a more complex control panel. 

The Deck series is the final product line. The two hot tubs in this collection are the classiest, with a four-inch LCD touch screen, high-gloss finish, and user-friendly control panels.

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly hot tub, some of the hot tubs in the four collections have been organized into an additional category called the Collection series due to their lower footprint.

Cal Spas Hot Tubs: Features

  • Myriad of upgrade options and features 
  • Bluetooth sound system, waterfalls and LED lighting add-ons

As expected from a company that gives you so many model choices, Cal Spas also has a ton of upgrade options and features. In addition to the basics, Cal Spas also offers the Fountain of Youth hydrotherapy system that uses a bunch of tiny bubbles to increase the oxygen in the spa water. This gives the water a silkier feel and stimulates cell and collagen regeneration. 

Another exclusive to Cal Spas is the Adjustable Therapy seat, one seat in select spas that has adjustable jets. This lets you tailor your hydrotherapy further by controlling the power and type of jet blasts from low, rolling flow to a powerful, continuous burst. 

Cal Spas Hot Tubs review

Cal Spas Hot Tubs come in 51 different models  (Image credit: Cal Spa)

In addition to water filtration and chemical sanitization, Cal Spas offers salt water, UV-C and ozone water sanitation options. You can also opt to have your hot tub insulated with full foam, which is a good idea if your climate is regularly below freezing. Cal Spas also sells a variety of spa surrounds and steps. Entertainment options include waterfalls and fountains, Bluetooth sound system, additional LED lighting and Wi-Fi module. Like Sundance Spas Hot Tubs, there’s also the option of an app to connect to your hot tub. 

Cal Spas Hot Tubs: Pricing and value

  • Pricing is unclear and hard to differentiate between models 
  • Highly rated for quality and value-for-money

There are no upfront costs listed on the Cal Spas website. Instead, to get an accurate idea of the price of one of their hot tubs, you must navigate to the dedicated ‘request a quote’ page to request a quote. Details required for this process include your name, address, phone number, email, and the hot tub you’re interested in. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to gauge a general price range for your chosen hot tub without getting in touch with Cal Spas directly. Therefore, if you’re a first-time buyer, you might want to begin your search with a hot tub brand which provides more transparent pricing, such as Sundance Spas or Jacuzzi. It’s easier to guess the general price of a Cal Spas hot tub once you compare the size, style and features with similar hot tub brands. 

Cal Spas is generally considered to be slightly cheaper than comparative luxury brands, so it’s worth reaching out for a quote or two if you find a design that takes your fancy.

Should you buy a Cal Spas hot tub?

Cal Spas has an impressive number of hot tubs: 50, to be precise. The brand is also backed by a strong customer base, who rate the tubs highly for their affordability and customisation options. 

There are high jet counts across all hot tub models, and the fact that there are regular and plus versions of the same hot tubs makes it easy for buyers to balance a little extra luxury against the standard price. 

Due to the lack of upfront pricing, Cal Spas might not be the ideal place to start your hot tub search despite the huge range of models available. However, if you bear in mind that additional jets, seats, and digital features add to the price of the hot tub, it should be easy to guess the general price of the hot tubs when compared to similar brands. 

Ultimately, Cal Spas’ extensive range, customizable features, and environmentally-friendly features still make it a very good place to buy your home hot tub.

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