Dimension One Spas Review

Dimension One spas has 21 models across 3 collections. The hot tub manufacturer has the features we looked for in the best hot tub brands, including good model variety, smart connectivity and full foam insulation.

Early Verdict

As a brand, Dimension One offers all the best premium features and includes several of them standard in most models.


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    Premium features including full-foam insulation and adjustable jets are standard in all of Dimension One’s hot tubs.


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    Dimension One doesn't have many small options.

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Dimension One spas has 21 models across 3 collections. It has the features we looked for in the best hot tubs, including good model variety, smart connectivity and full foam insulation.

The Bay collection has three top-of-the-line models: the Amore Bay, Lotus Bay and Serena Bay. These are all larger tubs that seat five to seven people and have 60 to 82 jets. They feature the best jets, controls, and extras that Dimension One has to offer. We are particularly fans of the Flex Therapy Pillow, which has three adjustable neck and shoulder jets built into an ergonomic headrest, and the Dynamic Massage Sequencer, which gives you more control over your hydrotherapy using pre-programmed massage settings. 

Bay models have touchscreen controls and are compatible with the Wi-Fi module upgrade, so you can control your hot tub from your smartphone with the SpaIQ app. For other ways to enjoy water therapy outdoors, also take a look at our guides to the best swim spas, as well as the best inflatable hot tubs.

The Reflections line has nine models, most of which seat five to six people and have about 40 jets. It also has one small tub with 24 jets and one with 60 jets that seats up to nine people, which is one of the largest hot tubs we came across in our evaluations.

Though Dimension One does not list have pricing information available without a specific quote, the Reflections line is most likely the manufacturer’s premium line. It has a lot of great features, but the luxury features, such as the Dynamic Massage Sequencer, are not available for spas in this line. They are compatible with the SpaIQ app, have touchscreen controls and have waterfall and fountain effects available as upgrades. 

The @Home line is Dimension One’s entry or mid-level line with nine spas. This line features the company’s only two round spas, one with four seats and one with up to six. The @Home line does offer as many shell, cover and cabinet color options as the higher-end lines, which is nice. 

But @Home models are not compatible with the SpaIQ app. The line uses the ClearZonePRO ozone sanitation system, which is the company’s basic ozone system. The Bay and Reflections lines use upgraded versions. All spa lines have accent jets, which are interchangeable and adjustable. 

If you’re in the market for a small spa that seats two to three people, Dimension One may not be the right fit. At the time of publication, the manufacturer only has two small spas listed on its website: the Triad from the Reflections line and the Serenade from the @Home line. There isn’t a luxury small spa option. Each model is currently listed as “Coming Soon,” as well, though we counted them as part of the overall evaluation. HotSpring has a better selection of small spas.

Dimension One is a good hot tub brand for medium and large spas. The Executive spa, which seats nine, is one of the largest hot tubs we found in our evaluations and is a great option for entertaining. We like that Dimension One puts premium spa features in all models as a standard, including full-foam insulation and ozone sanitation.

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