Hot Spring Hot Tubs review

With three different collections and features such as precision jets and saltwater sanitation systems, Hot Spring hot tubs provide plenty of choice.

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review
(Image: © Hot Spring)

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Hot Spring has 20 spa models that give you all the benefits of hydrotherapy but in smaller and more eco-conscious models, making it the perfect hot tub provider if you've got less space.


  • +

    Better variety of small hot tub models than most

  • +

    Energy efficiency which stands out from the crowd

  • +

    Saltwater sanitation


  • -

    A smaller overall selection of hot tubs than most competitors

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With 20 different models up for grabs, Hot Spring hot tubs are renowned for crafting cozy small to medium-sized home tubs. The brand is also committed to energy efficiency, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a model which will help to minimize your impact on the environment too.

There are few features that make Hot Spring stand out from the crowd. Their saltwater sanitation system is fairly unique. It comes as a standard feature in the Highlife and Limelight collections and uses salt to produce natural chlorine water which is less irritating on the skin.  

Conserving energy too, the saltwater sanitation system is the first of a bunch of energy-efficient features. The No-Fault titanium heater helps to prevent erosion, keeping the heater in good shape, and a patented pump shroud channels excess heat into the water. As well as being kinder on the environment, they also help to keep running costs down.

There are more luxury models than entry-level models in the Hot Spring hot tubs range. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have a hard time finding a fairly budget-friendly hot tub. The entry-level models start at $9,900. Coupled with low running costs, they have the potential to be a money-saving purchase in the long run.

Another attractive feature is the transparent pricing on the Hot Spring website. The 20 hot tubs can be filtered by price range, as well as features such as lounge seats or saltwater sanitation systems.

Whether you’re short on space or prioritizing energy-efficiency in your search for the best hot tubs, Hot Spring hot tubs are a wise choice.  

Hot Springs Hot Tubs: Models and choice

  • 20 models across three collections
  • Six entry-level tubs

Hot Spring has three collections, named Highlife, Limelight, and HotSpot. It’s easy to compare and contrast the features and pricing of the hot tubs in each collection because the website provides the option to shop by features such as seat number, salt system, or lounge seat. The price range and signature features of each collection are also organized in a table, making it quick and easy to compare side by side.

Containing six entry-level to value-priced hot tub models, Hot Spot is the most affordable collection. The hot tubs in the collection share precision jets for a targeted muscle massage, environmentally-friendly FiberCor insulation, and energy-efficient circulation systems. 

The Highlife and Limelight collections both have a FreshWater Salt System, one of Cal Spas’ most desirable features. The Highlife collection, which has nine hot tubs in total, also has a number of standard luxury features, including motorized jets, full-foam insulation, and a durable polymer structure. 

The Limelight Collection, which has only five models, features dual-action filtration and smart controls which can be used to tweak the lighting, temperature, and other settings. 

With only 20 hot tub models, Hot Spring doesn’t have the largest nor the smallest hot tub collection out there. In general, their tubs are considered slightly smaller in build than other brands.

Hot Spring Hot Tubs: Features

  • Emphasis on energy efficiency
  • Less custom options but decent jet selection

Hot Spring has 11 jet types, including the Moto-Massage DX, which uses two simultaneous streams of water that sweep up and down your back. More common directional and rotating jets are available as well, though not all jets types are available in all spa models. While this offers a good variety, Hot Spring does not offer the same level of customization as Bullfrog Spas hot tubs.

One notable thing about Hot Spring is the company’s focus on energy efficiency. All the spa models have energy-saving features, including dimmable lighting and SmartJet controls that let you direct power to only the jets you want to use. These features are great for your wallet because they save energy and reduce the monthly operational costs. All Hot Spring models are certified by the California Energy Commission in accordance with the state’s energy efficiency laws.

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review

Hot Spring Hot Tubs offer energy-saving features in a variety of sizes  (Image credit: Hot Spring)

Hot Spring Hot Tubs: Pricing and value

  • Transparent pricing on-site, although this will vary between dealers 
  • More high-end models than entry-level 

Hot Spring hot tubs have one of the most transparent pricing strategies out of all of the hot tub brands we’ve reviewed. The Hot Spring website awards every model one to five dollar signs. The more dollar signs alongside the listing, the pricier the hot tub. 

That puts a hot tub marked by five dollar signs, such as The Grandee, into the luxury price range. Hot tubs with one dollar signs, such as the TX, are placed into the entry-level price bracket.

This does lend itself to some confusion, especially because the prices vary depending upon the nearest dealership to your location. However, it is still a handy way of getting an idea of the cost of the hot tub without needing to reach out to the customer service team directly.

According to Hot Springs, their entry-level five to six-person hot tubs cost as little as $9,900. Oppositely, a premium tub can cost over $13,000.

Out of the nine hot tubs in the Highlife collection, two are luxury and the remainder are premium and mid-level. In the Limelight Collection, the five hot tubs range from value-priced to luxury. In the Hot Spot collection, two of the six hot tubs are entry-level and the remaining four are value-priced. 

Ultimately, the majority of Hot Spring’s hot tubs fall into the mid-level to luxury range. Therefore, the brand is well-suited to those who have a little extra budget to play with. 

Should you buy a Hot Spring hot tub?

If you want hydrotherapy without the harsh impact on the environment, Hot Spring hot tubs are some of the most environmentally-conscious models out there. 

Energy-efficient features come as a standard across all three hot tub collections, and this also has the added benefit of keeping running costs as low as possible. They also have a good number of small or medium-sized tubs, especially compared to other hot tub brands. 

The only thing is, Hot Spring hot tubs might not be a good fit if you’re looking for a basic, budget-friendly model. With only two out of their 20 hot tubs being entry-level, most of the designs are priced at a premium or luxury rate. 

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