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Hot Spring Hot Tubs review

Hot Spring Hot Tubs stand out for their energy efficiency and variety in size and price.

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review
(Image: © Hot Spring)

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Hot Spring has 20 spa models that give you all the benefits of hydrotherapy but in smaller and more eco-conscious models, making it the perfect hot tub provider if you've got less space.


  • +

    Better variety of small hot tub models than most

  • +

    Energy efficiency which stands out from the crowd

  • +

    Saltwater sanitation


  • -

    A smaller overall selection of hot tubs than most competitors

When creating our Hot Spring Hot Tubs review we discovered it was one of the only hot tub brands that offers a salt water sanitation system. That, along with its variety of models and energy-saving features, makes it a manufacturer of some of the best hot tubs (opens in new tab) you can buy, though the pricing information on its website is a little confusing. There are more options for smaller models, which makes Hot Spring Hot Tubs a great choice if you're only after a smaller capacity model, but fewer for the larger units. Don't rule it out if you're looking for a more spacious hot tub though, as Hot Spring covers all bases, and still offers the salt water sanitation across the range.

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review: Pricing and value 

  • Transparent pricing on-site, although this will vary between dealers 
  • More high-end models than entry-level 

Hot Spring Spas breaks the pricing structure into entry-level, value-priced, premium and luxury hot tubs. The pricing breakdown puts entry-level tubs at up to $7000, mid-range between $9,000 and $11,000 and premium upward of $13,000. This is also broken down into a dollar sign system, where an amount of dollar signs between one and five indicates the price bracket of the product. 13 of the company’s 20 models are in the highest two price ranges, with two or three models in each of the others. If you would prefer a more affordable hot tub, check out Master Spas Hot Tubs (opens in new tab) - Hot Spring is better suited to premium models. 

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review

Hot Spring Hot Tubs offer energy-saving features in a variety of sizes  (Image credit: Hot Spring)

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review: Models and choice

  • 20 models in a variety of sizes  
  • Three ranges to pick between 

Hot Spring Spas has 20 hot tub models including five small tubs with three or fewer seats. Although manufacturers such as Cal Spas Hot Tubs (opens in new tab) offer a larger variety overall, Hot Springs has more options than most manufacturers have for small tubs, though the available models are either at the bottom of the price scale (one dollar sign) or in the premium range (four dollar signs). Ten of the 20 models seat four to six people, and the remaining five seat six or more. Aside from size, the models are also split into three product lines. The lower-priced tubs are in the Hot Spot range. The middle line is the Limelight, and the Highlife line has the manufacturer’s top of the line products. 

Hot Spring Hot Tubs review: Features

  • Emphasis on energy efficiency
  • Less custom options but decent jet selection

Hot Spring has 11 jet types, including the Moto-Massage DX, which uses two simultaneous streams of water that sweep up and down your back. More common directional and rotating jets are available as well, though not all jets types are available in all spa models. While this offers a good variety, Hot Spring does not offer the same level of customization as Bullfrog Spas (opens in new tab) hot tubs.

One notable thing about Hot Spring is the company’s focus on energy efficiency. All the spa models have energy-saving features, including dimmable lighting and SmartJet controls that let you direct power to only the jets you want to use. These features are great for your wallet because they save energy and reduce the monthly operational costs. All Hot Spring models are certified by the California Energy Commission in accordance with the state’s energy efficiency laws.

Should you choose a Hot Spring Hot Tub? 

Overall, Hot Spring has a good selection of energy-efficient spas, particularly in the premium and luxury price ranges. It covers hot tubs of all sizes but has an unusually generous amount of small and mid-size models, making it great if you're dealing with compact spaces. We also love the emphasis on energy efficiency, which makes Hot Spring Hot Tubs really stand out from the crowd.

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