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Jacuzzi Review

Jacuzzi is one of the best-known brands in the spa industry, so much so that its name is synonymous with hot tubs.

Our Verdict

Jacuzzi offers a variety of high-quality hot tubs that prioritize comfort and relaxation.


  • Jacuzzi is the most recognizable hot tub brand and offers a wide selection of high-quality spas.


  • The brand has only 3 models available below $8,000.
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Jacuzzi is one of the best-known brands in the spa industry, so much so that its name is synonymous with hot tubs. The manufacturer offers a variety of spa options ranging in price from $4,000 to more than $16,000. 


Instead of listing prices for each product on its website, Jacuzzi gives an estimated base price range for each hot tub model marked by one to five dollar signs. None of the tubs listed on the site have just one dollar sign, which represents an estimated price range of $0 to $3,999. Two dollar signs represent entry-level prices of $4,000 to $7,999; three is mid-level at $8,000 to $11,999; four is premium at $12,000 to $15,000 and five dollar signs, the luxury price range, is reserved for tubs that cost $16,000 and up. 

The price of a spa reflects size, types of seats, number of jets, entertainment features, build materials and custom options. The price of the same spa in different locations is also different.

Models and Product Lines

Jacuzzi has 26 hot tub models. Higher numbered models are more expensive. For example, the J-200 Classic Collection houses all of Jacuzzi’s entry-level tubs along with four mid-priced ones, while the J-500 Collection is comprised of two luxury-priced models. The J-LX Collection is Jacuzzi’s energy-efficient line in the premium price range and is built to exceed California Energy Efficiency standards. 

Jets and Seats

Jacuzzi hot tubs use a mix of 12 PowerPro jet types with Aquilibrium, Jacuzzi’s proprietary term for the unique mix of air and water used in jets to create a relaxing hydromassage. The spa company has a few massage seat styles dedicated to targeting specific issues. The MX2 jet therapy seat provides a deep tissue massage whereas the RX jet therapy seat uses high-pressure jets on the back and shoulders. Certain jet types are limited to specific hot tub models or lines, but both upright and lounge seats are available across price ranges and sizes.


To keep your spa water clean and sparkling, Jacuzzi hot tubs use a multi-stage filtration process in most of its models, as well as UV light to neutralize pathogens and an optional ozone system upgrade. Of course, keeping your spa water chemically balanced is also an important part of maintenance, but these extra features help your efforts last longer. 

Additional Features

Jacuzzi’s top-tier models offer special features like touchscreen controls, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting and waterfalls. All products are easy-to-use, with accessible control panels and filtration systems. All of Jacuzzi’s hot tub models are also compatible with the SmartTub app, available for iOS and Android. The app has each hot tub’s product information, user manual, monitor settings and energy efficiency and also receives alerts about necessary maintenance or power outages. The hot tub interacts with the app using a 3G cellular connection, which requires a paid subscription after the first year. The SmartTub app is also available for Sundance Spas hot tubs, as the Sundance brand is owned by Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi offers 26 varieties of high-quality hot tubs that cost between $4,000 and $16,000. The well-known brand has all the features and options we sought in a hot tub manufacturer, making it easy to find your ideal spa with Jacuzzi. 

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