Jacuzzi hot tubs review

Jacuzzi hot tubs’ large product line, customizable features, and upfront costing makes it easy to pick out a hot tub you’re happy with.

Jacuzzi hot tubs Review
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Jacuzzi offers a variety of high-quality hot tubs that prioritize comfort and relaxation.


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    Jacuzzi is the most recognizable hot tub brand

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    Has a wide selection of high-quality hot tubs

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    Offers up to nine seater hot tubs


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    An emphasis on high-end models

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When it comes to high-quality hot tubs and swim spas, Jacuzzi has already made a name for itself. After founding the company in the 1950s, the Jacuzzi family invented the jacuzzi tub to help a young family member who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, it should be no surprise that their hot tubs designs are some of the most consistently innovative, especially when it comes to hydrotherapy that helps with aches and pains.

Just because Jacuzzi has an important role in the history of the hot tub doesn’t mean that it necessarily produces the very best hot tubs. The brand does have one of the most extensive ranges, with a grand total of 27 hot tubs organized into four collections (and an additional swim spa series on offer). Optional accessories also mean that the hot tubs can be personalized, affording customers with more control over the final design. 

In comparison with other hot tub brands, it provides one of the easiest pricing methods. Using a series of different price ranges, Jacuzzi makes it known exactly what you’re getting and for within which price range, whether it’s a small tub under $7,999 or a nine-seater priced at over $16,000.

As might be expected from arguably the most recognisable hot tub brand in the industry, however, there’s less choice when it comes to entry-level tubs. Instead, Jacuzzi maintains its image with a wide selection of higher-end hot tubs with signature features such as hydromassage jets with an exact pump-to-jet ratio, salt infusers, and ergonomic therapy lounges.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs: Pricing and value

Jacuzzi organizes their hot tubs according to an estimated price range, making it easy to stick to your budget. This stretches from hot tubs with two dollar signs, which signifies Jacuzzi’s entry-level models priced between $4,000 and $7,999, to hot tubs with five dollar signs, which signify a luxury model costing over $16,000.

Each pricing category corresponds to the size of the hot tub, jet numbers, the type of features. That’s before any add-on customisations, which will bump up the overall price of the tub. 

While the entry-level tubs might have a small number of seats and basic features, mid-level tubs (between $8,000 and $11,999), premium tubs (between $12,000 and $15,999), and luxury tubs (over $16,000) add more complex hydrotherapy features and may increase in size and seat capacity.

To unlock pricing, Jacuzzi has an online form which requires your name, email address, and delivery zip code. With that information, a local Jacuzzi dealer can get in touch with an MSRP, bypassing any middle agents. The most confusing aspect is that quotes are likely to be different depending upon your location.

Jacuzzi: Models and choice

Out of the four collections and 27 hot tubs, Jacuzzi has only three entry-level hot tubs. They are also contained in the Jacuzzi Play Collection. They are dubbed as "affordable, premium hydrotherapy everyone can enjoy" and feature water fountains, LED lighting, and a Plug n’ Play design that’s easy to install. 

This is in stark contrast with the 11 luxury hot tubs, six premium hot tubs, and seven mid-level hot tubs that form the remainder of their hot tub range.

While there’s a good amount of choice within the mid-level and premium ranges, it’s clear that Jacuzzi primarily produces luxury hot tubs. The J-400 Designer Collection contains five luxury and premium hot tubs with high-back seating, adjustable headrests, and hydromassage experiences. The J-300 Collection, which has a variety of mid-level, premium, and luxury tubs, has features such as powerful jets and ergonomic seating.

Jacuzzi Review

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Meanwhile, the J-200 Collection is labeled as Jacuzzi’s classic range. The mid-level and premium tubs in the product line have features such as standard jets, multi-coloured lighting, and cup holders.

If you want to play around with different ideas, the Jacuzzi website has a handy tool where you can build your own tub. The design and cost depends upon whether you’re primarily looking to relax or relieve joint and muscle pain, the number of guests, and whether price, design or performance is the most important to you.

Should you buy a Jacuzzi hot tub?

Jacuzzi’s top-tier models offer special features like touchscreen controls, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting and waterfalls. All products are easy-to-use, with accessible control panels and filtration systems. All of Jacuzzi’s hot tub models are also compatible with the SmartTub app, available for iOS and Android. 

The app has each hot tub’s product information, user manual, monitor settings and energy efficiency and also receives alerts about necessary maintenance or power outages. The hot tub interacts with the app using a cellular connection, which requires a paid subscription after the first year. The SmartTub app is also available for Sundance Spas hot tubs, as the Sundance brand is owned by Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi offers 26 varieties of high-quality hot tubs that cost anywhere from $4,000 and over $16,000. The well-known brand has all the features and options we sought in a hot tub manufacturer, making it easy to find your ideal spa with Jacuzzi. 

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