Master Spas Hot Tubs review

With 21 hot tub models, Master Spas hot tubs have a model for every budget and capacity, with up to eight seats in their roomiest tub.

Master Spas Hot Tubs Review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Master Spas has a good selection of hot tubs and spas, particularly in the entry- and mid-level price range, which makes it our top pick for affordable models for those looking for a little indulgence on a budget.


  • +

    Built in the US

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    A range of prices across 25 models

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    Leaders in bio-magnetic therapy


  • -

    Less customizable than other providers

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With their tagline ‘America’s finest hot tubs’, the Master Spas hot tubs set standards high from the very start. Focused on hydrotherapy, the US-built tubs are well-regarded for their lasting builds and good quality.

There are four luxury hot tubs in their MP Legend Range, named after the 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. However, the full Master Spas range just doesn’t boast the same numbers of high-end hot tubs as some of the other brands we’ve reviewed across the best hot tubs

Instead, we reckon that Master Spas hot tubs have the edge on other hot tub brands when it comes to a variety of prices and sizes. Whether you want to save or indulge, you’re likely to find something that piques your interest and fits your budget among the 21 hot tub models and four collections.

In most of the hot tubs, waterfall features, a light system, and a noise reduction system come as standard. This means that you can take a soak without worrying about disturbing any neighbors. 

All Master Spas models are energy-efficient too, as they all have full foam insulation and an insulated locking cover to reduce running costs. This is one of Master Spas’ strengths. Their advanced hydrotherapy features are also a huge benefit. One of the best hydrotherapy features is the bio-magnetic therapy, which targets pressure points on the shoulders and back.

With such an extensive range of hot tubs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find a design that fits your needs.  There’s no upfront costing on the website, but the guide prices are also helpful in navigating the many different options available. 

Master Spas Hot Tubs: Models and choice

  • 21 models across four collections

Master Spas has four hot tub collections, including the Michael Phelps Legend, Twilight, Clarity, and Getaway. The main difference between the four different collections is the pricing. The MP Legend range is strictly luxury, and features four hot tubs with over 59 powerful jets and between five and eight seats. 

Getaway, on the other hand, is easily identifiable as Master Spas’ budget product line. The five lightweight hot tubs seat between three and five adults. They also have a maximum of 40 jets. Features are more basic and may include contoured seating, rather than the MP Legend range’s bio-magnetic therapy system, which targets pain and stiffness.

The mid-level hot tub ranges are Clarity and Twilight. A good introduction to higher-end features such as massaging jets, comfort pillows, and waterfalls, they are still suitable for those with a slightly more flexible budget. The Clarity Range seats between six and eight people, and introduces features such as molded neck and shoulder seats.

The Twilight Range has seven hot tubs with additional creature comforts. This includes light and sound systems, foot therapy features, and bio-magnetic therapy.

Master Spas Hot Tubs: Pricing and value

  • Prices upon request
  • A good range of relative pricing across all models

Just like the majority of hot tub brands, Master Spas does not have any upfront costing provided on its website. Instead, whether the hot tub is entry-level, mid-level, premium or luxury is signaled using a dollar sign rating system. Any hot tub labeled with five dollars falls into the luxury price range, whereas one to two dollars signals an entry-level hot tub.

To work out whether Master Spas specializes in entry-level or premium and luxury tubs, you only have to filter their 21 hot tub models into the different price ranges. There are four budget models, seven mid-level models, five premium models, and four luxury models. 

Therefore, similarly to the Sundance Spas range, it’s clear that this is a good brand for hot tub buyers who want a balance between comfort and cost. According to the website, hot tub prices start at $6,000, which isn’t the cheapest of the hot tub brands we’ve reviewed. The more special features you opt for, the more you can expect to pay out on your new tub too.

Master Spas Hot Tubs review

Master Spas Hot Tubs come in a variety of sizes and with noise reduction. (Image credit: Master Spas)

Master Spas Hot Tubs: Features

  • Every tub comes with a bio-magnetic therapy seat
  • EcoPur keeps out dirt and germs

Master Spas have eight spa jet types: massage, pulsating, rotating, pinpoint, directional, cluster, whirlpool, and adjustable. Three jet types are used in the Clarity line, seven in the Healthy Living and Twilight lines, and all eight types are available for the MP Legend line. 

There are between 16 and 72 jets in each tub. Each tub comes standard with a MasterForce Bio-Magnetic Therapy seat and a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat. The Bio-Magnetic seat uses magnet therapy along pressure points in your neck and shoulders. Master Spas is the only hot tub company we reviewed that uses magnet therapy in its products in addition to hydrotherapy, making it a rival for Bullfrog Spas in massage therapy. 

The StressRelief seat includes a headrest and uses downward-facing jets to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders. Master Spas also has a MasterBlaster Foot Therapy jet system available for its two higher-tier lines, which uses 28 nozzles in two jets for a reflexology-inspired foot massage.

Master Spas uses its EcoPur Charge Filtration and Ozone systems in all hot tubs, with optional upgrades to its Mast3rPur System and QuietFlo Water Care System, except in the Clarity line. The EcoPur Charge system uses copper and zinc to purify the water and filter out dirt and microorganisms. 

The Mast3rPur system combines this filter with ozone and UV-C light sanitation as well. Master Spas uses a coated wood frame, acrylic shell and icynene full-foam insulation standard in all of its spas, with the option to upgrade to a vac-formed ABS pan bottom except in the MP Legend line, where this feature is standard. 

Should you buy a Master Spas Hot Tub?

Master Spas hot tubs will do the trick if you’re looking for a mid-level spa, that isn’t too basic or too extravagant. At the same time, with a wide range of hot tubs covering a range of different prices, there’s also scope to find your ideal tub whether you’re on a stricter budget or have room to splurge. 

Energy-efficient and built exclusively in the US, Master Spas hot tubs have the technology and design standard that you’d expect from hot tubs built in a US factory. 

Geared towards hydrotherapy too, they aim to target complaints like muscle and joint pain. Starting at $6,000, they don’t have the cheapest starting point, but for hot tubs in the mid-level price range, they perform very well, and the hydrotherapy is a big plus.

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