Avant Browser review

Avant Browser review finds that it performs pretty well but doesn’t have as many features as others.

Avant Browser Review
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Avant Browser isn't the best internet browser, but it's a nice add-on to Internet Explorer in case you need features no longer being updated by Microsoft.


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    This browser has a session restore feature.


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    It is only compatible with Windows computers.

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The Avant Browser is an browser that performs pretty well but doesn’t have as many features as others, mean it fails to make our best web browser list. It also takes a bit longer than average to navigate to webpages. You can use this browser on its own or as an add-on to Internet Explorer in case you want features no longer being updated by Microsoft. Because it uses the same programming source code as Internet Explorer, it looks very similar, making it a good alternative if you are running an older version of Windows that isn’t compatible with Microsoft Edge.

Avant Browser automatically updates itself both as a standalone browser and as an add-on, which is important since out-of-date software, including web browsers, is an easy way for malware and hackers to access your computer.

You can have multiple browser tabs open at once. Avant Browser also has a convenient undo feature you can use to reopen a site when you accidentally close the tab it was in. While testing, we noticed this web browser tends to freeze quite a bit – we had to shut down and restart it often. However, it has a session restore feature, so the tabs that are open when it shuts down pop up when you reopen the browser.

It doesn’t take long for Avant Browser to navigate between sites – an average of 4.4 seconds, including on content-heavy pages. In addition, it took about two seconds for the browser to initially open. Both times are fast, but Avant Browser is much slower than other web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

During our in-house security test, Avant Browser warned us about a fair number of phishing schemes, though it let through every malware file we attempted to download. As such, you should invest in a good antivirus program to block malware.

Avant Browser is easy to use, but its interface is a bit dated. In addition, parts of its layout seem counterintuitive. For example, some rarely used tools are located on the toolbar itself, while other often-used ones, like the page refresh button, are tucked away in the settings folder. In the settings folder, some of the icons that represent tools don’t make a lot of sense. And some important features, such as security and privacy settings, aren’t on the first page of the settings menu. Instead, you go into Options and click your way through a few files before you find the security settings.

This internet browser doesn’t have parental controls. In addition, it doesn’t sync your browser setting to other devices. As such, you can’t access your bookmarks and browsing preferences from all the computers and mobile devices you use. In fact, Avant Browser is only compatible with Windows operating systems, and it doesn’t work as an Internet Explorer add-on on computers running Windows 10.

The Avant Browser’s help and support options are good enough. Its FAQs page and user forums provide general help and troubleshooting support. You can also contact the company via email. However, there are no tutorials or user manuals on the company’s website, and telephone support is not available.

Avant Browser is a decent browser with some nice features and customizable settings that let you personalize the interface. It is especially helpful as an add-on if you use Internet Explorer on a computer with an older version of Windows. However, Avant Browser isn’t as versatile, compatible or secure as other browsers we tested.

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