Singer Expert Finish review

The Singer Expert Finish iron offers many temperature settings for ironing and steaming your fabric.

Singer Expert Finish review
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The Singer Expert Finish is powerful and effective on all fabrics and has helpful features for extended product life, making this one of the best irons you can buy.


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    LCD screen

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    Swivel cord


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    Plate isn't scratch-resistant

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The Singer Expert Finish iron is well made and its weight is well balanced. Additionally, its convenience and safety features make it easy to use, and worry-free.

What's more, this iron works well for vertical steam bursts, and you can adjust the steam gauge depending on which type of fabric you need to iron. 

The Singer Expert Finish iron is more expensive than some of the budget models we reviewed, to find a cheaper alternative or to see which model we rated the highest, head to our guide on the best steam irons

Singer Expert Finish: Features 

The Singer Expert Finish iron has built-in anti-calcium and anti-scale systems to reduce and remove impurities from the iron. This not only helps the iron to last longer, but keeps mineral deposits from ending up on your fabric. Additionally, its anti-drip function prevents water from leaking out of the soleplate.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel and measures 8.75 inches in length. It heats up to its lowest setting in just 26 seconds, so you aren't left waiting when you have ironing to do, and you only have to wait 10 seconds between series of steam bursts.

This self-cleaning iron has a nice size and balance. It measures 6 x 4.2 x 11.5 inches, and it feels small and sleek. Weighing in at 2.4 pounds, it is not unwieldy or difficult to maneuver. The iron feels ergonomic and has a soft-touch handle. However, the swivel cord is somewhat short, measuring 8.17 feet, so you won't have as much freedom of movement as you get with some other irons.

The built-in water reservoir holds 9.8 ounces and is easy to fill. However, it does not have a sealed reservoir cover and will leak if it tips over which is a pain. The temperature-ready alert lets you know when the iron has heated up, and the easy-to-read LED digital display shows you what fabric setting you have the device set to.

It is easy to forget to unplug an iron, especially if you get sidetracked, but with the Expert Finish's three-way automatic shut-off feature, you can rest assured that the iron will turn itself off. If it's on but left unused, it will itself off in 30 seconds if left face down or on its side, and in eight minutes in the upright position.

A two-year manufacturer warranty keeps you covered and is fair considering the price of this steam iron. 

Should you buy the Singer Expert Finish?

The Singer Expert Finish is a powerful unit for steaming and ironing. Its quick heat-up, high temperature capacity, and comfortable grip make it great for a variety of fabric projects, and its safety features and warranty let you use the iron with peace of mind.

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