SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 review

The SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 is an iron for travel and does a good job when you're on the go.

SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 review
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While the SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 lacks a few features, this iron is powerful for its size and works well while you're traveling.


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    It heats up to high temperatures very quickly

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    It has lower wattage than bigger models

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The SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 iron may be small, but it can still iron your clothes well when you travel. While it lacks some power and steam capacity, it reaches hot temperatures quickly and is easy to use.

Because it is a travel steam iron, it has just 420 watts, but it can still tackle most fabrics and is great for quilting projects. It has a small steam capacity and four steam holes, and while it does not have a vertical steam function, it can release steam during horizontal use. You can also adjust the steam intensity as needed.

For larger steam irons or an alternative travel iron, read our guide to the best steam irons. 

SteamFast Home & Away SF-717: Features 

The SteamFast Home & Away SF-717's U-shaped soleplate measures 5.13 inches long and heats up to the lowest setting in 15 seconds. We were impressed by its capacity to reach temperatures over 360 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is higher than many of the larger irons on our lineup can reach.

This travel iron fits in the palm of your hand, measuring 3.07 x 2.99 x 5.2 inches and weighing less than a pound. The cord is 7.83 feet long and wraps snugly around the handle for storage.

The built-in reservoir holds 1.4 ounces and has windows so you can see how full it is. Included is a small filling cup for ease of filling, and the reservoir has a rubber seal to prevent leaks.

The temperature light alerts you when the iron has heated up to your desired setting. The interface is easy to use, with a simple dial and steam settings. The iron has a soft rubberized grip around the edge of the handle, so it is comfortable to hold and maneuver. However, it does not have a self-cleaning function, so you have to manually clean it. If you know you want an iron that offers a self-cleaning feature, consider the Maytag SmartFill.

Despite its small size, the Home & Away still has built-in safety features. If you leave the iron on but unused, it automatically starts to cool down after eight minutes. The iron also stayed cool to the touch while we tested it. It comes with a heat-resistant travel bag and has dual voltage, so it can accompany you as you travel the world.

The SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 will be too small for everyday ironing tasks, but that's not what it is designed to do. If you're going on a trip or have an event where you need perfectly ironed clothes, the SteamFast Home & Away SF-717 is an ideal solution. 

Should you buy the SteamFast Home & Away SF-717?

The SteamFast Home & Away is a decent steam iron that can make your clothes look neat while you're on the road. Though it lacks the power of larger irons, it heats up quickly and reaches hotter temperatures than most of the full-sized irons we tested. It has built-in safety features and great customer service ready to support you no matter where your travels take you.

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