Singing Machine ISM1060BT Review

With the Singing Machine ISM1060BT, you and your kids can have a wonderful time singing karaoke tunes at home.

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The Singing Machine ISM1060BT didn’t fare well in our performance and sound quality tests, but it’s a decent machine stocked with features and connectivity options for the price.


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    It has all of the standard connection options.


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    Even when turned all the way up, the sound was weak.

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With the Singing Machine ISM1060BT, you and your kids can have a wonderful time singing karaoke tunes at home. The karaoke machine has all the standard connectivity options, so you’ll never struggle when trying to find something to sing. Though it had some sound quality issues during our testing and was a hassle to set up, it’s not a bad option for families with little kids, or someone wanting a karaoke system that has great stage presence.

The design of this machine consists of a central pedestal unit and two speakers that stand on the floor on either side of the pedestal. The overall effect is cool, and not seen in any other karaoke machine. However, it is a hassle to set it up. And although it may seem logical that two dedicated freestanding speakers would produce more sound or improved sound quality, that was not the case for this Singing Machine. The average person’s singing voice easily drowned out the volume for the accompanying part of the song, even when the device’s volume was maxed out.

However, if you just want something that you or your kids can casually use at home, this unit works fine. It is easy to find a song and sing it with this machine. You can download songs onto the included USB 2.0 drive and access them directly from the pedestal console or connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth pairing or a line-in connection if you want to pull a song directly from a source like YouTube.

Along with its two speakers, the Singing Machine ISM1060BT also has a built-in monitor where you can read song lyrics or navigate various menu settings, such as finding a song you downloaded into a connected USB drive. The karaoke machine ships with two microphones, and you can adjust volume for each from the console. There are also a few basic voice effects that you can tinker with, such as echo. If you want more effects, consider the Singtrix. The main pedestal measures 18.7 x 18 x 37.9 inches and weighs 8.4 pounds, and each speaker measures 6.7 x 7.9 x 27.7 inches and weighs 4.3 pounds.

Though the Singing Machine ISM1060BT isn’t a powerhouse, it’s got all the standard features and connectivity options that you would expect from a karaoke machine. Two microphones and an included USB drive let you hit the ground running with a fun, basic karaoke system.

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