Cyber Monday Kindle deals: Get a brand new Kindle for less this Cyber Monday

Kindle deals
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The Cyber Monday Kindle deals have officially begun and there are plenty of savings on e-readers including the Paperwhite, Oasis or Fire. We're even seeing an exciting discount on a Kindle that hasn't even been released yet – the Kindle Scribe, which is the first Kindle product that readers can use for both reading and writing. 

We've been scouring the internet to find the best Cyber Monday Kindle deals. While Amazon is the natural place to look (thanks to Kindle being an Amazon-owned brand), you can also find discounts at other shops including Best Buy and Target too. 

Whether it's a gift for a loved one for the holiday season, or a little splurge for yourself, there are some great options for everyone. The more premium Oasis models feature excellent screen clarity, fantastic battery life and wireless connection. However, the other models aren't anything to sniff at either, with both the Basic model and the Paperwhite packed full of features that will please any bookworm worth their salt. 

No matter whether you're buying your first Kindle product, or simply upgrading a beloved tablet, we'd definitely recommend checking out the discount on the Kindle Unlimited subscription service. It gives you access to millions of titles, which is perfect if you're a voracious reader who burns through novels quickly. Discover the Kindle deals we've discovered below, or take a look at the differences between Kindle vs Fire if you're considering an e-reader that also doubles up as a tablet.  

Cheap Cyber Monday Kindle deals

• Amazon: up to 34% off Kindle tablets and bundles
• Target: browse the best deals on Kindle e-readers
• Best Buy:
save up to $95 on e-readers
• Sears:
up to 60% off select Kindles at Sears

Cyber Monday Kindle deals

Wondering what the best Kindle deal currently around is? Wonder no more. We've explored the internet to find the best bargains possible. Whether you want the cheap and cheerful standard Kindle, or you're looking to splash out on the Kindle Oasis, we've got some great options available for you below. 

Amazon Kindle 8GB e-Reader Black | was $89.99, now $74.99 at Target

Amazon Kindle 8GB e-Reader Black | was $89.99, now $74.99 at Target
This is the simplest Kindle on the market, with a standard 8GB of storage and an affordable price point. It It has the adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors, as well as a 167 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: was $299, now $178.95 at Sears

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: was $299, now $178.95 at Sears
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is a classic design that's user-friendly and lightweight. It has 32 GB of storage and easily adjustable font size, ideal for traveling.

Cyber Monday Kindle bundle deals

Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle | was $319.97, now $289.97 at Amazon

Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle | was $319.97, now $289.97 at Amazon
Grab yourself Amazon Kindle's most premium model, complete with a bundle of a power adapter and an Amazon Leather cover. With a 7" 300ppi display, adjustable warm light, page turn buttons and more, this bundle is a great way to kit yourself out with all the e-reader essentials. 

Kindle Paperwhite Signature | was $249.97, now $229.97 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Signature | was $249.97, now $229.97 at Amazon
The Kindle Paperwhite Signature adds a few exciting extras on top of the base Paperwhite model, including wireless charging, auto-adjusting front light and a whopping 32GB of storage (perfect for comic book and audio book enthusiasts). 

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle | was $209.97, now $189.97 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle | was $209.97, now $189.97 at Amazon
Featuring a 6.8" display with thinner borders than the previous model, up to 10 weeks of battery life and 20% faster page turns, the Kindle Paperwhite comes complete with an Amazon fabric cover and a power adapter in this useful bundle. 

Cheap Kindles

Not found the perfect deal above? No matter – we've rounded up the two Kindle products that we consider to be generally good deals all year-round. While they won't constantly be on offer throughout the year, they offer a great balance of features versus affordability, so they're well worth checking out. 

Kindle deals

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1. Amazon Kindle

Best for buyers on a budget

Screen size: 6-inch | Screen type: Pearl e-paper | Backlight: Yes | Storage: 16GB | Battery life: Up to six weeks

Most affordable Kindle
Includes back-light 
Not waterproof

There's simply no denying the ultimate combination of affordability and and ease-of-use that the basic Amazon Kindle provides. Its slim and light design enables you to easily slip it into bags (or even large pockets), which is perfect for commuters that like to get in a bit of reading on the bus or train. The impressive four weeks of battery life means that you're not likely to get caught short when away from your charger either. 

As the basic model, you might expect that the standard Kindle is missing more premium features – and you would be correct. There's no metal design, large screen or useful screen features such as warm adjustment, which might put off those looking for a more premium experience.

However, if you're looking for an affordable e-reader and you don't mind missing out on all the bells and whistles of a more premium model, the standard Kindle could be perfect for you. 

Kindle deals

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2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

A great mid-range e-reader option

Screen size: 6.8-inch | Screen type: E ink | Backlight: Yes | Storage: 8GB | Battery life: Up to ten weeks

Fantastic battery life
A little more expensive

While the standard Kindle offers a great e-reader experience, the Kindle Paperwhite adds some useful features that might make it worth the extra money. With the latest version launched in mid-2021, the Kindle Paperwhite is actually the newest e-reader from Amazon. It features a standard USB-C charging port, rather than the micro USB style used in the standard and Oasis models. If your smartphone, laptop or tablet also use USB-C, then this will help keep your charging cables to a minimum. 

The main differences between the Paperwhite and the standard Kindle include adjustable warm light, a larger screen-to-body ratio and a 300 pixel-per-inch screen that features an E Ink display. This E Ink technology is designed reduce glare, which should mean that gazing at the screen for hours at a time will be easier on the eyes than if you were using a smartphone or tablet. 

The 6.8-inch display provides a similar footprint to an average paperback, while its weight of 205g means that it'll be lighter to hold than many physical books. 

What to look for in a Kindle

Reading can open up a portal to countless worlds, so an e-reader with thousands of books at your fingertips can offer this with even more ease. They're pocket-friendly devices that are super simple to transport, making it quick to squeeze a few pages in whether you're waiting in line, on your commute, or sitting down with a coffee. But with plenty of options out there, what do you need to consider when picking your new e-reader? The three basic models are the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis, all going up in price respectively.

The Kindle is the most affordable option and offers a 6-inch screen and up to six weeks of battery - both great features for a cheaper device. The Paperwhite, however, has a 6.8-inch screen and can last up to 10 weeks on a single charge. It also has a USB-C charging point. Both are backlit, however, the Paperwhite light offers adjustable warmth which may be something to consider if you enjoy reading late at night. The design also offers a better screen to body ratio and a 300ppi resolution E Ink display, over the standard Kindle's 167ppi, and the Paperwhite is IPX8 water resistant.

If you like the sound of the Kindle Paperwhite but want a slight upgrade, the Paperwhite Signature Edition adds an auto-adjusting light, 32GB of storage, and wireless charging to its impressive list of features.

The Oasis is Kindle's most premium offering. It's an IPX8 water-resistant model that is made for pool-side reading. It features physical buttons that you press to turn the page, which may be tempting for those who like to recreate a real book as much as possible. Thanks to the weight distribution, you can easily read this one-handed and the metallic build makes it more resilient than other models. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a charger and has a higher price, so this is something to bear in mind.

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