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Memory Cards and Printers

It wasn't all that long ago that we used to have to take important documents to the copy shop in order to make enough copies for the entire office to be able to review the latest office memo. With the help of computers, all-in-one printers and those great little memory cards, all of these tasks can now be done in the home office.

Many printers today are equipped with a slot for a memory card. So just what is a memory card? A memory card, also referred to as a flash card, is a rectangular device that holds stored data. The great thing about memory cards is that they do not require any type of power in order to hold the data. Memory cards are small and light enough that they travel with ease.

Today memory cards are used in many electronic devices, such as digital cameras, cellular telephones, laptop and netbook computers and MP3 players. In the modern office, memory cards can hold data from one specific computer which can easily be transferred to another computer. No internet or network connection is needed. Simply save the desired data onto a memory card, remove it from the host computer, insert into the next computer and voila, you have access to the saved data.

A few years ago the makers of the home and small business printers changed the world when they began to add memory card slots to their printers. This now allowed documents and photos to be printed without ever having to turn on the computer itself.

Imagine that you have a big presentation due at work this morning. You have spent hours researching your topic and you are confident that you are going to win over your boss and hopefully get that well-deserved raise. You begin printing out copies of the presentation for your group when suddenly you notice that your colorful pages begin to come out blank. What could possibly be happening? You check printer carefully and realize that you have run out of ink. Gasping in horror you begin to panic. What are your options? You would completely miss your deadline if you tried to run to the store for more ink. Your presentation is too large to email to the participants. So what do you do? Simply save the presentation on to your memory card and insert it into the printer down the hall that is brimming with ink. You hit the print button and continue to print the presentations. As you breathe a sigh of relief you think to yourself, "Who would have ever thought that a little piece of plastic could save the day?"

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