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Pros / CuraDebt offers both debt consolidation and debt management services.

Cons / This service charges an account maintenance fee, which many other companies do not charge.

 Verdict / CuraDebt is a respectable consolidation company that does not try to mislead consumers. It has a solid reputation, making it a good choice for debt consolidation.

CuraDebt, established in 2000, offers debt management and debt consolidation services to clients. This means it can provide you with more options for debt relief. Its outstanding rating with business accreditation services, such as AFCC and IAPDA, and very few complaints help establish CuraDebt as a trustworthy company. Though this company has a good reputation, the savings offered are average, so it falls in the middle of the lineup.

Begin your process by filling out the online consultation form or calling CuraDebt to speak to a representative. CuraDebt provides a free consultation to assess your situation and debts. To qualify for CuraDebt's bill consolidation program, you need at least $7,500 in unsecured debts. However, this number may vary depending on where you live and what type of debts you have. Qualifying debts include medical bills, credit card debt and other lines of credit. Other types of unsecured debts may not be eligible though, such as payday loan consolidation or student loan consolidation. On average, CuraDebt saves clients around 30 to 50 percent of their debt, and charges 20 percent in fees, which you pay when CuraDebt successfully negotiates your debts.

Usually, debt consolidation programs take anywhere from 24 to 48 months. CuraDebt falls well within this industry standard. While this may seem long, good programs take time, and you should be wary of anyone who promises you a quick fix to your financial situation. During your debt consolidation service, a debt negotiator works with your creditors to achieve better rates while you put money away into a savings account. The money from this account will then go to paying your creditors.

While you're working with CuraDebt, you are responsible for a small, account maintenance fee. This fee goes toward maintaining your electronic account and not toward CuraDebt for your consolidation program. Since CuraDebt is not charging this fee for its consolidation services, it is compliant with FTC law; however, this is often considered a loophole around the regulations. National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief are among the services that don’t charge this fee.

CuraDebt is IADPA and AFCC accredited. IADPA works within the industry to train and certify debt arbitrators. The AFCC finds the best debt consolidation companies by conducting a third-party analysis of company practices to ensure the company is upholding FTC regulations.

The company website is basic and can be confusing. For example, many links lead you back to a consultation form without a way to get back to the main site, forcing you to click the back button to navigate the site. Aside from navigation issues, the site has valuable information about debt consolidation and different options you have for debt management. You can also visit the blog for more information and up-to-date financial management tips.

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CuraDebt has a solid reputation in the industry and provides average savings for its clients. Its website can be confusing and sometimes frustrating to use, but it overall provides good information about debt consolidation.

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