Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe review: an affordable espresso coffee maker

Make delicious lattes and cappuccinos at home with just a single touch, thanks to this semi-automatic espresso machine.

the mr coffee prima luxe on countertop
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The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is a worthwhile buy if you want to make espresso drinks at home. With the touch of a button, it automatically pulls shots and froths just the right amount of milk, dispensing a coffee shop-style drink directly into your mug—you barely have to lift a finger. It’s ideal for anyone who prioritizes ease of use over customization, and it’s also more affordable than many other semi-automatic espresso machines.


  • +

    Beginner-friendly design

  • +

    One-step lattes and cappuccinos

  • +

    Compatible with ESE pods

  • +

    Self-clean setting


  • -

    Plastic construction

  • -

    Instructions could be clearer

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If you’re looking for an affordable espresso machine that’s easy to use, the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is a new option from the budget-friendly brand.

The best espresso machines allow you to recreate your favorite coffee shop drinks—like lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and more—from the comfort of your home. And this one takes all the hassle of making a delicious shot, latte, or cappuccino. All you have to do is pack its portafilter with your favorite espresso, and with a single touch, it will make a delicious hot beverage thanks to its automatic milk frother. Even beginners will get the hang of this machine quickly; the reasonable price point is just the icing on the cake. 

I tested the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe for several weeks, using it to make daily espresso drinks. Here's everything I loved about this new model and why it’s perfect for beginners. 

Camryn Rabideau
Camryn Rabideau

Camryn Rabideau is a freelance writer and product tester. Over the course of her career, she’s tested hundreds of small kitchen appliances, including more than a dozen coffee makers. She does all her testing from her homestead in Rhode Island, where she lives with her partner and their many animals. 

Camryn starts daily with a cup of coffee, which she makes using her Wolf Gourmet drip coffee maker. In the afternoon, she generally reaches for a hot drink to go with her 3 p.m. snack—her favorite options include chai tea and hot lattes. 

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: Key specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Row 0 - Cell 1
TypeSemi-automatic espresso
Milk resorvor800 milliliters
DimensionsH16 x W11.7 x D13.3 inches

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: price & availability

The Mr. Coffee Prima Coffee Luxe is $399.99, which is quite affordable for a semi-automatic espresso machine. It's currently only available on Amazon

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: Setup

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe arrived in an average-sized box packed with cardboard inserts. The machine was wrapped in a layer of styrofoam-like material to prevent scratching, and there were just a few components that had to be assembled, such as the frothing spout and knob. The machine also had a variety of stickers on it that had to be removed before use. 

The package included several accessories in addition to the machine itself. There’s a plastic double-sided scoop for espresso—one side is for single shots, and one is for double shots—and portafilters for each drink size. The machine also has a plastic tamp to press down espresso grounds and an extra straw for the milk jug. 

While setting up and using the machine, I noticed its instructions were sparse in some areas. For instance, the height of the mug tray needs to be adjusted based on the size cup you’re using, but the manual doesn’t provide any instructions on how to change the height. The metal plate on top of the drip tray can be inserted into the slots on the front of the machine, but it took me around five minutes to figure out that you have to slide it in at an angle—otherwise, it won’t fit into the slot. 

A few other times, I had a question about the machine but couldn’t find any answers in the manual. Because it’s a more expensive and fairly complicated appliance, I expected more thorough documentation of its features and operation. 

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: design

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe doesn’t look very high-end compared to other semi-automatic espresso machines. While many expensive appliances have sleek stainless steel finishes, the Mr. Coffee version has a gray plastic exterior. It’s not unattractive, per se, but the finish gives it a cheaper overall appearance. 

The control panel on the machine has two rows of buttons—one row for automatic drinks and a second row with buttons for manual espresso shots or milk frothing, as well as the self-cleaning cycle. Each of the light-up drink buttons has the numbers “1” and “2” above it, allowing you to select a single serve- or double-sized beverage, and there’s also a row of indicator lights at the bottom of the control panel that shows you its progress as the machine heats up before use. 

control panel of the mr coffee prima luxe

(Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

The good news is that this coffee maker's components feel quite substantial, even if they’re not the most attractive. The water reservoirs are made from thick, sturdy plastic, and the portafilter feels durable and well-made. The only design feature that I didn’t love was the knob on the front of the milk frother. During setup, the knob is simply pushed into place, and it would occasionally come loose during operation and need to be pushed back on.

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: performance

I didn’t get off to the best start with the Prima Latte Luxe. The first time I tried to use the machine, it simply didn’t work—no espresso was dispensed, nor did it froth any milk. I was concerned that the unit was defective and tried again, only to have the same thing happen. Thankfully, my third attempt finally worked—partially. The machine dispensed a shot of espresso but no milk froth, leaving me manually adding milk to my drink. The good news is that the machine worked perfectly the next day. I guess it just needed to be primed, but if that was the case, it should have been mentioned in the instructions.

After its initial hiccup, the Prima Latte Luxe worked as expected, and I quickly got the hang of making espresso drinks with it. The double-sided espresso scoop and tamp make it easy to pack the portafilter with just enough grounds for one or two shots. I also found ESE pods—“Easy Serve Espresso”—at my grocery store, making the process even faster. All I had to do was drop one of the prepackaged pods into the portafilter, ready to go. It’s a handy option if, like me, you want to make espresso drinks quickly with minimal fuss.

making an espresso with the mr coffee prima luxe

(Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

I found it easiest to let the machine heat up while I got the portafilter and milk container ready. Once it’s ready to use, the buttons on the control panel light up, allowing you to select your desired drink and serving size. I found that a single serving latte or cappuccino fits well in an 8-ounce mug, while a double serving is best suited for a 12- or 14-ounce mug. The machine dispenses the frothed milk first, then espresso on top, and the whole process generally takes less than a minute. 

After making a drink, I typically run the machine’s self-cleaning cycle, which flushes out the milk frother. You need an empty cup for this, as it spits out a lot of water. However, it’s extremely convenient that this step is automated, and I also love that the milk container comes with a lid, so you can simply put it in the fridge if there’s still milk left in it. 

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: taste test

I’ve tested several other espresso machines before, and the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe consistently made some of the best-tasting drinks. (Not to mention that it’s also one of the easiest to operate.) When I brewed an espresso shot using the machine, it was hot and rich with a decent layer of crema. I used pre-ground espresso for my testing, but I imagine you’d get even better results if you freshly ground beans. 

I was also incredibly impressed by the machine’s milk-frothing abilities. When I made a latte or cappuccino, the unit dispensed a super thick layer of milk foam that didn’t dissolve into the drink—a problem I’ve experienced with other frothers. I typically added a spoonful of sugar to my drink to boost the sweetness, and the final result tasted just like a latte I’d get at a local coffee shop. 

Making a latte with the mr coffee prima latte

(Image credit: Future / Camryn Rabideau)

Should you buy the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe?

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Score Card
Price & availabilityWell-priced but only available on Amazon★★★★½
DesignUseful features, but looks somewhat cheap★★★★
PerformanceEasy to operate and clean★★★★½

Buy it if...

You want to make lattes and cappuccinos at home

With just a few easy steps, this espresso machine makes flavorful espresso drinks that will rival your favorite coffee shops. It can pull plain espresso shots and froth milk to automatically create lattes and cappuccinos, and multiple drink sizes are available. 

You want a machine that’s foolproof to use

The Prima Latte Luxe is a more beginner-friendly option if you're intimidated by high-end espresso machines. It streamlines the process of making espresso drinks, and if you use ESE pods, you don’t even have to pack the portafilter yourself. 

You don’t want to spend too much on an espresso machine

Retailing for $400, the Prima Latte Luxe is a more affordable option for making espresso drinks at home. Similar machines with automatic milk frothers can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 or more.

Don't buy it if..

You want an appliance that looks high-end

While it makes a good drink, the Prima Latte Luxe isn’t the best-looking coffee maker. Its gray plastic exterior looks a bit cheap, especially compared to other espresso makers. 

You want granular control over your espresso

This espresso maker boasts one-touch operation, which is perfect for beginners. However, if you like to adjust the settings of your brew, this probably isn’t the machine for you. You can’t adjust its brew temperature, time, or pressure. 

How does the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe compare?

The Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is a beginner-friendly option for making espresso drinks at home. Still, if you’re particular about your brew, you might want a more advanced espresso machine like the De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro. This high-end machine is better suited for espresso enthusiasts, as it has a built-in bean grinder and a wide range of settings. You’ll be able to customize your shots to your exact liking, and there’s also a built-in frothing wand for lattes and other drinks. The Maestro also has a high-end appearance but costs significantly more than the Mr. Coffee model, retailing for $1,399.95.

If you prefer the ease of pod-style coffee makers, the Nespresso Vertuo Creatista can brew both espresso and regular coffee. It has a built-in frothing wand for specialty drinks, and its sleek stainless steel exterior will look stylish on your kitchen counter. However, it’s another expensive option, with a price tag of $749.95. 

How I tested the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe

  •  Made an espresso, latte, or cappuccino every day for two weeks 
  •  Tried both loose espresso grounds and ESE pods 
  •  Tested both single and double-sized beverages 

I tested the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe over two weeks. My partner and I used the espresso machine to make ourselves drinks daily—generally as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up—alternating between lattes and cappuccinos. Throughout testing, we used both ground espresso and ESE pods in the machine to see if there was any difference between the flavor and ease of use, and we used all its different features, including different drink sizes and the manual settings.

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  • First reviewed: February 2024
Camryn Rabideau
TTR Contributor, Coffee

Camryn Rabideau is a seasoned writer and product reviewer specializing in home, kitchen, and pet products. With seven years of experience, her work is featured in publications like Forbes, USA Today, The Spruce, and NBC Select. Recently, she's been evaluating the best coffee makers for Top Ten Reviews while tending to her animals and crafting on her Rhode Island homestead.