MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit review

Discover your ancestry through MyHeritage DNA testing to reveal ethnicity and build your family tree.

MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit review
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One of the biggest genealogy websites also offers a very comprehensive DNA test. This allows you to find out ethnic origins, locations on a world map and relatives you may not have known you had. Pricing is some of the lowest despite the database being one of the most detailed. You won't get health results from this although the company does now offer a separate test for that too.


  • +

    Over 10.1 billion historical records

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    Over 42 ethnicities


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    Not as many ethnicities as some

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    Health results not included

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The best DNA testing kits could reveal more about your history and ethnicity than you ever knew and there are now lots of options to help you do this. MyHeritage DNA is one that you may want to consider.

MyHeritage is one of the largest best genealogy websites out there and it's backed by an impressive DNA testing kit. That means that with a simple swab test you can be on your way to discovering the mysteries of your ancestry. For quick results on a test that is also more affordable than most, this is a great option that's also backed by a huge database of historical information.

There are over 109 million people that use MyHeritage meaning the database of family tree records is massive. So once you get your DNA results they can be used effectively to help you build your family tree and discover relatives, if you want. Or you can simply enjoy the new revelations about your ethnicity running back generations. 

The test itself is super simple. After you order online you'll have your testing kit within a few days. All you then need to do is register the kit online, don't eat for 30 minutes then swab the inside of each cheek for up to a minute. Seal the swaps inside a plastic vial and pop them into the included plastic bag. Put that in the envelope and post it. 

You should have your results back within weeks, which you can see online where you registered previously. It couldn't be easier. That said, you do sacrifice depth for speed as MyHeritage doesn't use yDNA and mtDNA testing and also has a smaller database size than some.

MyHeritage DNA review: Test results

  • 42 ethnic regions covered
  • Results within a month
  • Autosomal family DNA test type

After one of the shortest waits on the market, of just a month tops, you'll receive your results. Once you go online the whole reveal process is also uniquely exciting. Your ethnicity is revealed in captivating stages with music and animations that match your specific ethnic region and geographical heritage. While there are 42 ethnicities to group you into, some are, at the time of publishing, exclusive to MyHeritage results.

Your ethnicity is revealed in percentages of each to show how the split is made up over generations. This is some of the clearest and best looking of results out there. For Native Americans the results can narrow down the area you may have come from but there won't be any detail on specific tribes unfortunately.

All these results can be downloaded as raw data meaning you can take that file and upload it to another site if you want to do more digging there. But the MyHeritage results do offer more beyond ethnicity alone.

MyHeritage DNA review: Beyond the test results

  • DNA matching
  • Review match for estimated relationships
  • Paternity testing option

Once you have your DNA results in the MyHeritage database it's possible to start finding relatives right away. This DNA matching system not only shows you matches to your DNA but also the percentage. This means you can imply the level of family connection like a second or third cousin, for example.

There is also an estimated relationships part in the review match section. This allows you to potentially find relatives, like a first cousin once removed, that you may not have known about or knew to look for. 

Another useful feature is the ability to directly contact a potential relative through the MyHeritage site. This is free and also lets you view the other person's family tree. That can be helpful if you want to confirm the link before making contact.

Paternity testing is also possible. This isn't an official feature but you just need to order two tests, one for the potential father and another for the child. You can then see if a direct genetic connection is made when the results come back.  A more affordable option than some specific paternity tests which don't offer the depth of results data.

While you can download your results to go elsewhere, MyHeritage has a huge genealogy database of over 10 billion records and a useful family tree building system. While the records include things like birth, death and marriage certificates, census results and much more - these all require time and effort to trawl. But since this site is already populated with other people's trees, it can be much easier to build yours, linking into those of relatives already plotted out.

MyHeritage DNA review: Is it worth the cost?

Of the options out there the MyHeritage DNA pricing is some of the best. Even at its basic original cost of $99 it's competitive. But it's now widely available at $79, like on Amazon. There are also lots of sales on the MyHeritage site where it can go as low as $59. The only thing you don't get is the addition of health testing too, but this can be bought as part of a kit charged at $149 which gets you the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry kit.

Should you use MyHeritage DNA?

Thanks to a huge database of historical records and a very affordable yet quick DNA test, the MyHeritage DNA offering is a very compelling one. It's great for those that want a detailed look at ethnicity and the ability to build a family tree and connect with other family members. 

The optional health kit makes it also useful for those looking at potential health issues for them and their children in the future. While there are more detailed health options, like 23andMe, plus more detailed genealogy on the likes of - this is a well rounded and affordable option that makes it ideal for beginners or those wishing to gift this to another.

MyHeritage DNA is an affordable yet comprehensive offering for finding out your historical ethnicity as well as building a family tree and discovering family members. With over 100 million users and more than 10 billion historical records this is an in depth service. This all works within a well designed and easy to use system that makes the process of DNA reveals and pairings lots of fun.

The 24 hour customer service line is also a great positive for anyone that might need help. As is the community that you can connect with directly through the MyHeritage DNA website.

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