Samsung ME16K3000AS review

The Samsung ME16K3000AS over-the-range microwave offers decent cooking power, but doesn't have many fancy features.

Samsung ME16K3000AS review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Samsung ME16K3000AS offers good value for money but it doesn't have as many features as premium models.


  • +

    10-year warranty on the magnetron

  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Sleek finish


  • -

    Plastic door handle

  • -

    Limited features

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The Samsung ME16K3000AS microwave has 1.6 cubic feet of internal space and sits among some of the cheaper models we've reviewed. Compared to some of the best over-the-range microwaves, the Samsung ME16K3000AS doesn't offer many features but it is also priced lower than many other premium models. 

Samsung ME16K3000AS: Features 

The Samsung ME16K3000AS is a mid-priced over-the-range microwave that has 1000 watts of power to heat up your food. This microwave's fan operates at 300 cubic feet per minute (CFM), which is about average for this type of microwave. 

In terms of features, this over-the-range microwave from Samsung has 10 cooking levels, including all the ones you'd expect such as defrost, reheat, and boil settings. Inside the microwave, the turntable is positioned so that it sits neatly in line with the bottom of the microwave. This is handy because you'll be able to slide items in and out of the microwave with ease. However, what isn't so good about the Samsung ME16K3000AS is that you can't shut off the turntable. It's nice to stop the turntable from spinning when you prepare large quantities of food. Microwaves are used most often for reheating plates and popping popcorn but in a family household, there may be an occasional large tray that will collide into the sides as it attempts to rotate during a cooking cycle if you can't shut down the turntable.

You also can't shut off the sound on this microwave, which might be annoying - especially if you have any kids napping nearby or simply just don't like the noise it makes. 

The Samsung ME16K3000AS offers four preset buttons for specific foods – popcorn, potatoes, pizza, and veggies. These can help take the guesswork out of setting times and power levels when cooking those items. Other microwaves had even more presets, but four is respectable. The ME16K3000AS does not offer sensor cooking, which measures humidity levels and adjusts cooking times based on the level of doneness, so that is one drawback.

You do, however, get multiple settings for both the fan speeds and cooktop light and it's worth noting that not many models offer that. This microwave is also fitted with a replaceable charcoal filter so that you can stay on top of maintenance. We also liked the Eco Mode which turns off this over-the-range microwave's display when you're not using it. What that means is that when you're not using it, this microwave uses less than 0.1 watts power. 

While the Samsung ME16K3000AS doesn't have as many features as other models we reviewed, it is positioned around the $200 mark so it's also not as expensive as some of the other top-rated models on the market.  

Samsung ME16K3000AS: Design & finish 

You do not get multiple color choices with this Samsung, but the stainless steel finish is popular and fits into most kitchen styles just fine. You also will not get a shelf, as some competitors offer. Even though this microwave is coated in a sleek stainless finish, the handle is made of plastic but generally, it looks modern and more expensive than it actually is. 

There is a one-year parts warranty on the Samsung ME16K3000AS and an impressive 10-year warranty on the magnetron - one of the longest we've seen while carrying out our reviews. 

Samsung ME16K3000AS: User reviews

Users gave the Samsung ME16K3000AS an average rating of four out of five stars on Home Depot. Some users criticized the plastic handle on this microwave and said it felt 'cheap' and 'broke off'. Others also said that this over-the-range microwave is lacking in features. 

More positive user reviews, however, praised the look of this microwave with one user saying how it heats quickly. Other positives mention the sleek and modern look of this microwave and how useful it is to have the turntable flush with the bottom of the microwave. 

Should you buy the Samsung ME16K3000AS?

The Samsung ME16K3000AS is a decent over-the-range microwave that doesn't have as many features as some of the most premium microwaves, but it also doesn't cost as much as those either. The lack of function to silence this microwave or stop the turntable might be a drawback for some but generally, this microwave does what it's designed to do and is ideal if you're looking for an attractive, but no frills option. 

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