Tracks Eraser Pro 9 Review

Tracks Eraser Pro is privacy software that cleans your computer of internet activity records, erases the tracks of popular applications, and permanently erases files and registry entries. You can also use it to free up space on your computer and potentially improve your PC’s performance.

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While Tracks Eraser Pro has effective privacy tools that permanently delete data from your computer, its outdated interface makes performing some tasks more difficult compared to top-rated privacy software we reviewed.


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    Tracks Eraser Pro is compatible with over 100 plugins, so you can delete history from most of the applications on your computer.


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    The software does not work on computers running Windows 10.

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Tracks Eraser Pro is privacy software that cleans your computer of internet activity records, erases the tracks of popular applications, and permanently erases files and registry entries. You can also use it to free up space on your computer and potentially improve your PC’s performance.

This software erases data on Windows and most internet browsers. In case you have an application or browser that isn’t part of the standard Tracks Eraser Pro, the publisher has posted more than 100 plugins so you can customize your installation. For example, the program deletes the playlist histories of RealPlayer, Media Player and QuickTime. The program has a simple interface, and the plugin applications are easy to access under the Applications tab. However, the format the tools are displayed in makes some tasks more difficult to perform compared to the top-rated programs in our review, which feature sleek interfaces.

To give you control of your online privacy, this software can clear information in many different areas of your browser. It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. In these browsers, it removes the websites you visit from the location bar history and lets you choose which cookies to keep, if any. Because your browser stores the webpages you visit along with the images on them, this privacy software deletes the cache of temporary internet files and the history. Several browsers store personal information to autocomplete forms, and Tracks Eraser Pro also clears those. Even if you erase cookies, clean your cache and zero out your browser history, every site you visited is stored in the Index.dat; this program also takes care of Index.dat files.

During out testing, we found that Tracks Eraser Pro thoroughly removes all information from your internet activity. Even using recovery software, we were unable to access any information that would reveal our online activities.

Tracks Eraser Pro protects your Windows data by deleting unnecessary files and tracks. The history eraser deletes temporary files, documents from the recycle bin, run history, clipboard, find files list, SWAP file and recent files list. You can securely delete files by overwriting them using the file shredder. This software allows you to specify any number of times you want your files overwritten. However, the higher the number you choose, the longer it takes to overwrite the files.

Our tests revealed that Tracks Eraser Pro removes data from Windows beyond recovery. While we saw some minimal traces of a file using the recovery software, we performed another wipe that completely removed it. This software successfully protects your privacy.

You can either manually run wipes or you can use the scheduler. When you schedule wipes, the software automatically starts at given time intervals. You can have the software begin erasing when Windows starts up or shuts down, as well as when you close your browser. Using the scheduler ensures that your computer’s privacy is always up to date and maintained.

In addition to protecting your computer’s internet browsers and Windows, this privacy eraser erases connect histories for USB storage devices. It securely erases all deleted files and shreds them beyond recognition. By wiping previously deleted files, it cleans the disk to free up space. This process can also improve your PC’s performance.

The software also cleans your instant messengers and email. Supported programs include Yahoo, Skype, AOL and MSN. If you use an instant messenger or email not listed, you can search for supported plugins and download them to the application.

If you purchase the product, it includes lifetime upgrades and technical support via email. Be aware that the software only lists Windows 8 and older as supported configurations. If you have a computer running Windows 10, you will need to purchase a different product, such as CyberScrub Privacy Suite, that is compatible. While the software does not list a technical support phone number, the support team is quick to respond to email inquiries. The website also has a frequently asked questions page that answers several common questions, and you can access an online user guide.

Tracks Eraser Pro eliminates data on Windows, internet browsers and applications. With support for popular plugins and the ability to clean your email and instant message conversations, this software has the tools to keep your entire computer safe and your online privacy secure.

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