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Teleflora review

Our Teleflora review finds a reliable flower service, with some negative customer reviews.

Teleflora review
(Image: © Teleflora)

Our Verdict

Teleflora is a reliable service with a great product - but our positive experience doesn't reflect that of the large number of negative customer reviews.


  • Large and aesthetically pleasing selection
  • Average price
  • Easy ordering


  • Not as many plants or more varied arrangements
  • Add-ons are not described online
  • Many customer complaints

We've updated our Teleflora review, sampling a fresh range of flowers, and examining the up-to-date customer service practices and ordering systems. For those unfamiliar with the flower brand, Teleflora was founded in 1934, and in 1979 was acquired by the Wonderful Group, a parent company that also owns popular and familiar brands such as POM Wonderful and FIJI Water. 

Teleflora partners with florists through the United States and the rest of the world to deliver quality floral arrangements, and now has more than 15,000 member florists who fill customer orders. In order to review Teleflora, we browsed the selection of floral arrangements and chose one of average price and that we thought best represented the broader look and style of the products offered. We received the standard size of Teleflora's Fabulous Flora Bouquet. And while the site does have some negatives, we had an overall positive experience while creating our Teleflora review, which means we recommend it as one of the best flower delivery online services.

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Teleflora review: Website and selection

  • Easy to navigate
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Wide range of choices

We found plenty of beautiful bouquets via the Teleflora site, and were impressed with the breadth of the types of flowers used in the arrangements, as well as the huge selection of beautiful bouquets available. Sadly, the plant selection lacked in aesthetic variety - there weren't as many succulents or plants on the site, and most flower arrangements are in bouquet form. But the sheer number of arrangements is so large that there is sure to be a little something for anyone. 

The Teleflora website is easy to navigate and you can search by holiday or occasion, such as birthday, sympathy, and even 'just because'. However, keep in mind that the selection of arrangements for each category is a suggestion - we encourage purchasers to browse all of Teleflora's offerings before committing to your purchase. With a little digging, we uncovered that you can search for floral arrangements based on a specific flower. So, if you're buying a bouquet of flowers for a significant other who loves peonies, you can find a page with all arrangements that contain peonies. And if you need more advice, we actually have a full guide to flower meanings, to help you get it just right.

Teleflora review: An excellent selection of flowers, but not plants

Teleflora review: An excellent selection of flowers, but not plants (Image credit: Teleflora)

Teleflora review: Prices and value

Across the Teleflora site, we found the prices of the floral arrangements to be average to high. While $50 will likely get you a smaller sized bouquet, there are many options around this price to choose from. Expect to spend anywhere from $70 to $110, with the added service fee of nearly $20. Additional costs and taxes vary by state. Teleflora does not offer a flower delivery subscription, like its main rival 1-800 Flowers, so there's little opportunity to save money outside of special deals the site occasionally runs.

However, as you'll see later, the flowers we received did justify the higher than average price, so in terms of value Teleflora is a good pick and matches the likes of ProFlowers for value. 

Teleflora: Ordering and delivery

  • Easy ordering
  • Detailed product pages
  • Next-day and international delivery

Ordering from Teleflora is an overall easy and hassle-free experience. All the options are clearly laid out for you: once you select a bouquet, you will be redirected to a page where you can customize your gift. You can select the size you want, and even add something extra, like mylar balloons, a stuffed animal, and chocolates. Although these extras are nice to have, we were disappointed that the buyer cannot add more than three balloons, and no more than one stuffed animal and one box of chocolates (although there are three different sizes). Anyone looking to over-compensate for past misdeeds might struggle to say sorry quite as effectively here... While going through the ordering process, we worried there was no option to add a card for the recipient of the bouquet, but this step is included rather late in the process, when you input the delivery date and address. 

There's a decent amount of info to digest as you pick your arrangement. You can see whether or not a vase is included and if there is a specific direction the arrangement must face. Need the arrangement to fit a on a specific surface? The dimensions of the arrangement are also included on the product page. 

Teleflora is very clear as to what to expect out of your bouquet. Because Teleflora works with individual florists, those florists may not have the exact flowers you are expecting in the bouquet. The website advises that flowers may be substituted with flowers of equal or higher value. However, customer customization of the bouquet is not possible. Remember that some bouquets may not be available, as some flowers have a very short window during which they are in bloom, arrangements containing these flowers can only be provided during a certain time of year.

Teleflora clearly lays out when your bouquet can be delivered. You must place an order before 3PM during the weekdays and before 12pm on the the delivery zone's time for the arrangement to be delivered the same day. You also have the option to have flowers delivered before 1pm for a $15 fee. Because Teleflora works with independent florists, you can have an arrangement delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada. Teleflora also delivers to select countries abroad (for a complete list, visit their website). However, to place an order for an international delivery, you cannot order online and must place a phone call.  

Teleflora review - the range of plants is lacking

The plants we did find are, actually, very good (Image credit: Teleflora)

Teleflora review: Arrangement quality

  • Fresh flowers, with some yet to bloom
  • Minor wear and tear from travel
  • No flower care instructions
What we tested

Teleflora review

(Image credit: Teleflora)

Arrangement: Teleflora's Fabulous Flora Bouquet
Included: rose-colored vase
Size:  Standard
$49.99 + extras + service fee (variable)
Pink roses, pink asiatic lilies, white alstroemeria, pink miniature carnations, dusty miller, parvifolia eucalyptus, and seeded eucalyptus
Added extras:
Mylar balloon, stuffed animal, and small box of chocolates

Upon receiving our Teleflora arrangement, we noted that it arrived uncontained: the beauty of the bouquet is much more striking when it isn't in a box, but this also means that it is up to the courier to do their best to protect the arrangements from the elements. The arrangement arrived in a water-filled vase, which in turn was placed in a small cardboard contained with gift paper for presentation. While it looked nice, by the time it arrived, there was a small pool of water at the bottom of the box and the paper was soaked and torn underneath the vase. This is relatively minor, as it did not affect the flowers themselves. 

The chocolates and small teddy bear arrived in a nondescript brown paper bag filled with gift paper, with the balloon securely tied to the handles. We realized that the balloon design was not a choice at the time of ordering, and the one we received was that of a smiley face. If the occasion does not call for a smiley face, we suggest forgoing this option, especially if you're ordering sympathy flowers. The teddy bear was supposed to be small, but we found it to be of a generous size for a small toy. The chocolate was by far the best extra gift we opted for: a small box of good-quality Godiva chocolates makes a wonderful add-on. 

The flowers arrived in good condition and as advertised. The combination of flowers was eye-pleasing and certainly turned heads in our office! They were not the most beautiful, not the most vibrant flowers we've seen, but it's important to note that, at the time of delivery, some of the flowers had not fully bloomed yet. This is normal to ensure that the flowers enjoy longer lives and more time in your home. This also means that the flowers were not the most fragrant at the time of delivery. There was some very minor wear and tear from traveling, which we find is almost unavoidable when ordering a floral arrangement. 

We noted that the florist did not include care instructions for the bouquet, which others - like UrbanStems - do. We don't think that this is required, but for arrangements of this size and price, we found that it is both helpful and thoughtful when care instructions are provided. If you need advice, we have a guide to flower care on site.

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A nice bouquet, with some lovely gifts

A nice bouquet, with some lovely gifts (Image credit: Future)

Our bouquet

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Teleflora review: Customer service

Teleflora customer service can be reached by message you send through the Teleflora site. The company does not provide a time frame during which your email will be answered - however, it does advise that including an order number, if you have one, can expedite that process. This isn't quite as good as other national sites, like 1-800 Flowers, which offers several extra ways to get in touch, but we found the customer service adequate for our needs.

Teleflora review: Customer reviews

  • Reported inconsistent quality
  • Some reported late delivery

Teleflora is, according to our experience, a fast and reliable service - it is refreshingly honest about its policy on allowing florists to replace flowers it runs out of in bouquets ordered via Teleflora. However, it seems like the policy backfires quite a lot: many customers have expressed disappointment that the arrangements they received looked nothing like the ones they ordered. While this is easy to dismiss as a customer being too picky, it is important to keep in mind that many people may believe that certain flowers or colors are not appropriate for some occasions. Some customers also report that their arrangements were delivered very late, if at all. 

That being said, we have accounted for customer error during the ordering process in our evaluation of Teleflora, so would advise you don't place too much emphasis on customer reviews.