Purple Harmony Pillow review

The Purple Harmony Pillow promises to deliver a great night’s sleep with your health, comfort and body temperature in mind.

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Purple Harmony Pillow review
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The Purple Harmony Pillow is a great option if trying to get a good night’s sleep has become a real pain in the neck. The price might be too lofty for some, but if you need a supportive pillow that holds its shape well, this could be the one.


  • +

    Great for alleviating neck stiffness

  • +

    Keeps your head and face cool during sleep

  • +

    Available on a 100-night trial


  • -

    Expensive for a bed pillow

  • -

    Might not suit all body sizes

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What you lay your head on each night can make a noticeable difference to how comfortably you sleep. With that in mind, the Purple Harmony Pillow is designed to offer personalized premium comfort, making it ideal for those who tend to get hot and bothered when using regular flat pillows. Even better, it’s regularly on sale among the best Purple mattress deals, so you can often find it for a reasonable chunk less.

Following on from Purple’s two other bed pillows – the more traditional Purple Plush Pillow and the extra-supportive Purple Pillow – The Purple Harmony Pillow sits somewhere in-between. Purple, which makes our current top pick for the best mattress online, claims that it offers the same cosiness while keeping your head and neck steady with a Talalay latex core. All this and it helps keep you cool too.

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When it comes to shape, size and comfort, The Purple Harmony Pillow proves itself to be a great all-rounder, but if you have specific requirements for your sleep – such as a firmer style or a pregnancy option – there might be another option in our guide to the best pillows that suits you better.

Purple Harmony Pillow review: Cost 

The ‘cost’ of a good night’s sleep is dependent on the snoozer, but we’d be happy to pay more if serious zzzs were guaranteed. And if you consider how much a visit to the chiropractor costs when you have a bad neck, the true value of a high quality pillow soon becomes apparent.  

Purple Harmony Pillow review: a mother and daughter dress a Purple bed and Harmony Pillow with clean bed linens

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With that in mind, we found the cost of the Purple Harmony Pillow to be reasonable at $159, the price of which includes a moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh zip cover. But, if you were to lose sleep over the price, then remember that Purple often runs deals on its pillows, as well as mattresses and other sleep accessories.

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Purple Harmony Pillow review: Design 

The founders of Purple – brothers Tony and Terry Pearce – have years of expertise in the fields of design and science, and it’s this know-how that has made the company’s mattresses such a success. So naturally, we’d expect the Purple Harmony Pillow to have the same level of commitment when it comes to comfort and innovation. 

Well, after 18 months of research and going through 50 different prototypes with the Harmony, Purple created one pillow to rule them all. Well, actually, two pillows to rule them all. There is a 6.5-inch option if you tend to sleep on your back or stomach (or are a side sleeper with a smaller frame), while side-sleepers with an average to larger frame might prefer the Purple Harmony Pillow Tall.

The size of the regular Purple Harmony Pillow is approximately 26 x 17 x 6.5-inches, while the Purple Harmony Pillow Tall measures 28 x 17 x 7.5in. The weight of the pillows are 4.5lbs and 5.4lbs respectively. The Purple Harmony Pillow’s ability to keep its shape, while staying soft and comfy, means you can cast aside your old and flattened pillows, as extra bolstering shouldn’t be required. 

Purple Harmony Pillow in white

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The company also uses its own Purple Grid Hex Technology that creates air channels to support your head and neck, all while preventing overheating as you sleep. There’s also a durable and hypoallergenic Talalay latex core.

As mentioned, the Purple Harmony Pillow comes with a zipped moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh cover. This is intended to go under your chosen pillowcase to ensure you are kept cool and dry against your own sweat (or, if you’re anything like us, drool). 

The cover can be removed and washed in the machine at a cool temperature. Note that the pillow itself can only be spot-cleaned, so the Breeze Mesh cover is actually essential for adding an extra layer of hygiene.

Purple Harmony Pillow review: User reviews 

The user reviews of this pillow on Purple’s website are mostly positive with many choosing it as an additional purchase to the original Purple Pillow, which they found to be too firm, heavy or flat. 

The Purple Harmony Pillow seems to be favored by side-sleepers who found the height and comfort to work in their favor. Other online reviews cited the 100-night trial and one-year warranty as being a real boon, offering the chance to really put the Purple Harmony Pillow through its paces. 

Purple Harmony Pillow review: a man and his son sleep on Harmony Pillows

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Many users remarked on the high comfort and support levels, which sat nicely in the middle of ‘not too firm’ and ‘not too soft’. Another frequent revelation was satisfied customers waking up with little to no neck pain.

Negative reviews tended to focus on the height of the pillow with regards to body size. Therefore, we’d recommend that those of you at either end of the scale should take up the entire 100-night trial to see if the Purple Harmony Pillow is right for your height and weight, but generally the pillow seems to offer many users ‘the best night’s sleep ever’.

Purple Harmony Pillow review: Performance

In the first instance, we would recommend taking advantage of the generous trial period and giving the Purple Harmony Pillow a decent go. If you’re used to sleeping on a different firmness or material, the first couple of nights might feel a bit alien. After this time, the comfort and support offered by the Harmony should become apparent. 

If you’re not sure whether you require the extra height, we recommend starting at the standard 6.5-inch version before trying the next size up. Ditto if you tend to sleep on your stomach, as the taller height might not suit you.

Purple Harmony Pillow review: the pillow in white shown from the front

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Purple claims its Purple Harmony Pillow is ‘the greatest pillow ever invented’ and while this seems like a lofty statement, there are many happy sleepers who confirm this was actually the case for them.

Oh, and if you are in any way allergic to regular latex, Purple claims that Talalay latex will not cause any reactions owing to the lack of the allergy-inducing proteins found in regular latex. It also claims Talalay latex is ‘naturally inhospitable’ to dust mites, so you can kick those out of bed too.

Should you buy The Purple Harmony Pillow?

We’d recommend The Purple Harmony Pillow to anyone who is prone to neck trouble. Because the pillow is designed to keep your head comfortably level as you sleep, the risk of neck stiffness is reduced. 

The Purple Harmony Pillow is also particularly recommended if you tend to overheat when you sleep. It’s one thing throwing off the covers if you get too hot, but ditching the pillow isn’t always a good idea if you want to keep a healthy posture.

The cost could also be a point of contention, but it all depends on what kind of price you would put on a decent night’s sleep. If you’re looking for something lower down in the price range, check out the Casper Pillow or the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, both of which offer great comfort at an affordable price. The Casper, like Purple’s pillows, is also often on sale among the best Casper mattress deals.

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