Pros / This service offers a large variety of policy plans.

Cons / You can only get up to 100,000 miles of additional coverage.

 Verdict / AA Auto Protection offers pretty comparable coverage to the top-ranked products, but it falls short because of lower mileage restriction.

AA Auto Protection is just below our top-ranked extended car warranty companies, but it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for an extended car warranty service. It offers lengthy coverage nationwide as well as a large selection of policies, and you can spread your payments out over a couple of years.

This service can offer up to six years of additional car warranty coverage and up to 100,000 miles, which is pretty standard. It offers coverage in all 50 states, but unlike a handful of extended car warranty companies we evaluated, it does not offer coverage in Canada.

In the event your car repairs take more than a day, AA Auto Protection will reimburse you for a rental car $30 per day for up to five days. Additionally, you only have to pay the standard $100 repair deductible each time you need to use your extended car warranty service for repairs.

Like most extended car warranty companies, AA Auto Protection lets you spread out the payment of the policy up to 24 months. You’ll also have a 30-day money-back guarantee you can take advantage of in the event you aren’t happy with the policy you buy.

Like with most auto warranty companies, coverage for your vehicle starts on the day you purchase your warranty. However, the warranty will not cover any pre-existing conditions. Additionally, any claims made within 90 days of your warranty purchase are subject to review to determine if the condition was pre-existing, which a repair location will determine. AA Auto Protection lets you choose the repair location nationwide, and you won’t have to handle any of the payment – the service will do it for you over the phone.

AA Auto Protection's customer service representatives were great to speak with on the phone, and they didn’t pressure us into purchasing like many of their competitors did. They even emailed us a quote in less than 24 hours, which was rare among the other companies we evaluated, like Protect My Car, that wouldn't email quotes but instead require you to speak with a sales representative to get a quote.

We were, however, disappointed that the service didn’t offer 24/7 customer support. You can reach support during regular business hours by phone, email and even a live chat option on the website. Additionally, there are helpful frequently asked questions on the website that you can view at any time.

AA Auto Protection Compare Quotes
  • Max Warranty Length
  • Plans Offered
  • Mileage Restrictions
  • Max Payment Schedule
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Customer Support Score
  1. The maximum number of years your warranty will last.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 4  AA Auto Protection
    6.0 Years
  3. 5.0 Years
  4. 5.0 Years
  5. 6.0 Years
  6. Category Average
    5.11 Years


AA Auto Protection has more restrictive mileage restrictions than the top-ranked extended car warranties on our ranking, but this service is still worth considering if you’re looking for additional warranty coverage for your used car. You can get up to six years of additional coverage and even spread your payment out over two years.

AA Auto Protection Compare Quotes

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