Pros / You can spread payments out over 36 months.

Cons / Customer service is mediocre, and sales representatives are extremely pushy.

 Verdict / Protect My Car offers good coverage options for an extended car warranty, but their customer service might deter you from investigating this service further.

Protect My Car offers a handful of extended car warranties for used vehicles and cars with an expired manufacturer warranty. While it is a big name in the car warranty industry, we found Protect My Car's customer service lacking. If you can overlook the pushy customer service, it may be a company worth considering for a used car warranty as it offers high-mileage restrictions and an extended payment schedule.

In addition to providing the standard coverage you'd expect from most extended car warranty services, such as nationwide coverage, roadside assistance and multiple plans, Protect My Car was among the services we evaluated to offer the highest mileage restriction – 150,000 miles – and lengthiest payment plan option – 36 months.

In the event your car needs to be repaired, you're responsible for the $100 deductible. This deductible is standard with most extended car warranty companies. Additionally, if your car needs to be in the shop for a few days, Protect My Car will reimburse you for seven days of rental car charges up to $30 per day.

Unlike Endurance, Protect My Car doesn't offer 24/7 support or live chat, but you can contact them by phone and email. You can also view helpful frequently asked questions on its website. Additionally, if you are unhappy with the coverage or decide you don't want it, you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

We were very unimpressed with Protect My Car's customer service. The representatives we spoke with were extremely pushy and wouldn't let us off the phone. Additionally, the representative resorted to name-calling when we made it clear we didn't intend to purchase a policy immediately but, rather, were simply shopping around.

Following our initial contact with Protect My Car, representatives continued to contact us with pushy phone calls and voicemails. Follow-up calls aren't unusual for extended car warranties as their goal is to get you to purchase a policy, but we didn't encounter the degree of pushy phone calls from any company we evaluated outside of Protect My Car.

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  2. 6  Protect My Car
    5.0 Years
  3. 5.0 Years
  4. 5.0 Years
  5. 6.0 Years
  6. Category Average
    5.11 Years


Protect My Car offer some attractive coverage options outside of the standard coverage you'd expect from a car warranty company. Its mileage restriction is higher than other services, and you have up to 36 months to pay for your warranty. However, its mediocre and pushy customer service dropped this service to sixth place on our ranking of extended car warranty services.

Protect My Car Compare Quotes

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