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After researching eTutorWorld’s tools and comparing them to those offered by other online tutoring services, I believe there are better places to get help with your schoolwork online. However, i is a 24/7 tutoring service available in the U.S. and Canada. The site has a lot of the scheduling features we looked for, but its interface is almost too simple. There isn’t a lot of i

Respiratory Therapists

Demand for respiratory therapists is expected to increase 21 percent in the next decade. Anticipated advances in treatments will extend the lives of patients who have experienced breathing problems, s

Massage Therapists

A large percentage of massage therapists are self-employed or work part-time, which gives them flexibility in their schedules. Formal education and licensure is required in 42 states for this vocation

Pharmacy Technicians

Demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow over 30 percent in the next 10 years because of the increase in elderly individuals as well as advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. Addition

Dental Assistants

Dental assistants have one of the shortest training periods of any of the vocational careers we reviewed. Most certificate programs last for one year, or you can complete an associate's degree program


Considerable growth is expected in the profession of paralegals, or legal assistants, in the next 10 years. Particularly in the corporate, in-house legal environment, businesses are trying to cut cost

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers have one of the highest paid jobs you can get with just an associate's degree, and as such we have included it in our review of vocational careers. Individuals in this profession cre

Radiology Technicians

Radiology technicians have one of the highest average starting salaries of the vocational careers we reviewed. There are also excellent opportunities for advancement within the industry because of the

Medical Assistants

Demand for medical assistants is expected to grow by more than a third in the next 10 years because of the advancement in age of the baby boomer generation. The medical industry's vastness and diversi

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have the highest demand of any vocational career we reviewed. With a projected 391,300 jobs opening over the next 10 years, the profession has excellent job stability.

Computer Programmers

The job of an entry-level computer programmer is one of the highest-paying vocational careers we reviewed. In many ways, it is different from other vocational careers because of its advancement opport


eCampus is an online textbook company that lets you buy, rent and sell textbooks and eTextbooks. This company offers multiple rental terms and also generates automatic quotes for textbooks that you mi


Chegg is an online textbook company that rents and sells textbooks and eTextbooks. This company also offers test prep services and tutoring and studying services. We rated Chegg as the best online tex


After using Ginger for over a month, I believe it isn’t as buggy as WhiteSmoke, but it also isn’t as consistent and easy to use as Grammarly. When I ran Ginger through tests, giving it sam

SpellCheckPlus Pro

After running SpellCheckPlus through a series of tests, I would not recommend either the free or the premium version. This is mostly because the grammar checker doesn’t retain the original docum


After using a variety of online grammar checkers services for over a month, I think Grammarly is the best one available. Compared to the competition, it isn’t as buggy or slow, and it catches mo


While WhiteSmoke has a clean, uncluttered design compared to other grammar checkers, the suggestions it provides are often inaccurate. The system’s inability to follow along as you browse the we

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