Pros / Low rates, especially policies with teenage drivers.

Cons / Rental reimbursement not available on some policies.

 Verdict / Progressive is a good choice for low cost policies.

Progressive has some of the lowest rates of any insurance company we looked at. It offers standard discounts, though some cheaper policies don’t have some of the additional coverage options that similar policies through other insurers had.

We got quotes for a wide range of policy types and Progressive was one of the lowest across the board. To see how different factors influence auto insurance pricing we used third-party data and got quotes for a car listed as being among the most expensive to insure and one on the low-cost list. For both types of cars, Progressive had the third lowest pricing on our lineup, with premium costs several hundred dollars below average.

Even policies that are typically more expensive, like those with multiple cars or teenage drivers were affordable through Progressive. Adding a teenage driver to a policy typically drives your premiums up by as much as 80 percent. Progressive’s increases are closer to 50%, and with an already low baseline rate, adding your teenage driver to your policy will keep your premiums relatively affordable.

These policies all reflect the industry recommended 100/300/100 coverage limits. Each state has minimum coverage requirements that are quite a bit lower. Interestingly enough, when we got a quote for a minimum coverage policy, it only saved about $20 from a policy with higher coverage limits.

A variety of discounts are offered on your policies, and if you’re eligible you may be able to see significant reductions in your premium. Standard discounts including keeping a good driving record and any students on your policy maintaining a B average. You can also earn a discount for signing up to make automatic payments.

Progressive also has a program called Snapshot, which uses data gathered by a small device or mobile app to apply a discount to your policy based on your actual driving habits. Snapshot looks at how often you drive, when you drive and other driving habits over a six-month period. You get an initial discount, about $25, just for signing up. The average discount earned by using Snapshot is around $130, though it’s possible to earn more depending on how you drive.

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