Pros / You can get accurate ballpark estimates on many types of insurance.

Cons / The quotes you get come only from Allstate.

 Verdict / It is easy to get useful information about a variety of insurance policies and get it quickly.

Allstate is a familiar name in the insurance industry and has a longstanding history with its customers. This large nationwide insurance agency also provides free online quotes. Whether you are seeking car insurance quotes or information about any number of other insurance categories, Allstate has information for you.

While the insurance quotes are only ballpark estimates, you'll receive accurate information and a variety of insurance options when you are done putting information into the simple online forms.

While these online quotes do not include any agencies other than Allstate, it is a good place to locate competitive prices for insurance as well as see what Allstate has to offer.

Types of Insurance Quoted

Allstate provides insurance for almost anything, including auto, home, life, and business. However, getting free ballpark quotes online is only available for a limited number of specific categories, including auto, motorcycle, boat and personal watercraft, homeowners, condominium, renters, and basic life insurance. For more specialized quotes, you will need to contact an agent directly.

Ease of Use

Navigating through the process and actually obtaining a quote on is both straightforward and easy. The website is set up to take you through each step of the process, and there's plenty of additional help if needed. For example, to get car insurance quotes, you choose your location and then select which drivers will need to be insured. Then you specify the vehicles you want insure by using drop-down menus to select model, make and year. After clarifying a few things like whether you lease or own, you are presented with several coverage plans and options.

We sought car insurance quotes, and within minutes we had our pick of three reasonably priced Allstate insurance packages and information about costs. The process went so smoothly that we had no questions, although there are help and support options featured on every page in the event we needed them.

You do not even have to supply any real personal information for the ballpark estimates. In addition, you are not required to enter your credit history report information. Instead, you can choose to simply enter your general bill payment history (excellent, good, poor, etc.). The entire process is intuitive, and it is quite easy to follow the step-by-step directions and input your specific information.

Quotes Supplied

Allstate presents users with a variety of ballpark estimates within several categories and packages. The quotes are, of course, only from Allstate agents. Users also can choose a location and find a list of the closest Allstate insurance agents complete with contact information and integrated maps.

Help & Support Options

The quote process is intuitive and should not pose a challenge to users. However, helpful tips and assistance are available if you run into difficulties and need help. In addition, there is plenty of support available on Allstate’s website. You can easily find an agent to talk to in your general geographic area. The company provides a phone number you can call or you can fill in a simple form with your number and someone representing Allstate will call you.


Allstate is a trusted name in insurance and has a simple but professional service so you can get ballpark estimates on all kinds of insurance, from car insurance quotes to estimates on such things as business insurance, motor homes and snowmobiles.

Unfortunately, you will be presented only with Allstate options, and while the ballpark estimates are nice, they are not actual quotes. Furthermore, the online quote process allows you only to get estimates in a limited number of categories. However, Allstate does offer quotes on other categories over the phone if you speak to an agent.

Please note: Since all of the service providers reviewed offer their services free to the consumer, we suggest that you use several providers and submit a form from several of the top ranked providers. This will increase your chances of getting a variety of quotes from a variety of agencies. You have nothing to lose except maybe a few minutes of your time filling out the forms.