Pros / This travel insurance can advance hospital fees, emergency funds or bail money.

Cons / It does not reimburse you for non-medical emergency evacuations.

 Verdict / Seven Corners offers comprehensive trip insurance at prices competitive with the top travel insurance agencies we reviewed, plus it covers some situations not often handled by other companies.

Seven Corners offers travel plans for domestic trips or travel abroad, although the coverage does not change in either case. This travel insurance company offers comprehensive plans with excellent coverage of the basics, plus extra situations not handled by many of the companies we reviewed.

The first thing we noticed about Seven Corners' quote process is its questionnaire. It took us through several cases, yet brought us back to the same plans whether we wanted a domestic or international trip. We saw this with several insurance plans, where the same plans are branded for different situations. It's not an unusual feature, but it gives the impression the company offers more variety than it actually does.

Nonetheless, the four plans the website offered are comprehensive, and when we priced them for our different trips, we found the rates competitive with the other trip insurances we reviewed. As with most insurances, age played the biggest factor in price, and in Seven Corners' case, the prices were above average for the trip we proposed for a couple in their 60s.

Trip cancellation and interruption coverage are well in the norm. Seven Corners lists a cap of $50,000 for cancellations, where other insurances say "100 percent." We don't consider this a slight disadvantage, however, as this clause is for prepaid, non-refundable expenses, which in most cases should not exceed $50,000 a person. This trip insurance agency covers cancellations if your carrier or travel agency goes into financial default and cancels your trip. It also has a Cancel for Any Reason clause. Like other agencies that offer this feature, that feature covers 75 percent of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses, rather than the full amount.

The medical insurance coverage is average for the top travel insurances we reviewed. Of special note is that it can advance hospital fees to ensure you get the care you need, but it does not reimburse you for lost or stolen prescription medications. However, this agency can assist you in getting them refilled. It does not have a doctor's hotline for consulting with a U.S.-based doctor. Seven Corners does not reimburse you for non-medical emergency evacuations. MH Ross is one of the companies that offers this service.

This travel insurance agency insures rental cars with some plans as well as accidental death and dismemberment in case you are in a flight accident. Its cap on Accidental Death and Dismemberment is one of the lowest, however: $10,000 if you lose your limbs, sight or hearing, or if you are killed.

They say, "What happens in Vegas (or Europe or wherever), stays there," but that doesn't mean you should purposely get into trouble. However, if something untoward happens and you find yourself in jail, Seven Corners can advance you bail money. It also advances funds for emergency cash, in case someone steals your wallet or you lose your funds.

The claims process seems about as easy as most. You can download the forms online. The forms contain lists of documents you need to make the claim. It'd be a good idea to check these out ahead of time and read our tips on preparing for a claim. Seven Corners has 24/7 English-speaking phone assistance. We contacted Seven Corners by chat support to find out how many days you have to cancel a policy if needed and they told us they would email us the information. At the time of publishing we had not yet received that information.

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Seven Corners travel insurance is comprehensive, with monetary coverage competitive to the other trip insurances we reviewed. It also has several features that many plans do not include. While its fees are slightly higher for seniors, at least in the trip we priced out, it is an excellent choice.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Claim Filing Process

Delayed or Cancelled Flight
Lost or Stolen Luggage
Cancelled Tour or Planned Excursions
Medical & Emergency Cancellation
Local Hospitalization Coverage
Secured Evac Payout

Help & Support

Cancellation Policy
English-Speaking 24-Hour Telephone Assistance
Sample Contracts Online
Local Agents Available

Sample Rates

2-Person U.S. Cruise
2-Person France Vacation
2-Person International Adventure
Average Percent of Trip Cost

Emergency Medical Benefits

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Up to $1M
Medical Expenses
Up to $150K
Pre-Existing Conditions Waivers (Days)
Dental Coverage
Prescription Assistance
Emergency Companion

Quick Picks

Standout Benefit
U.S. Visitor Insurance

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Up to $50,000
Up to 150%
Delay Compensation
Up to $1500
Minimum Trip Delay (Hours)
Missed Connection
Up to $1500
Lost Luggage
Up to $2500
Luggage Delay
Up to $600
Miles or Reward Card Reimbursement
Trip Cancellation - Any Reason
Up to 75%
Flight Ticket Change
Financial Default