Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk review

Seville Classics AirLift S3 combines classic looks with a high weight capacity, making it a good choice for larger home working setups.

Seville Classics AirLift S3 review
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The AirLift S3 desk offers a generous weight capacity to accommodate larger home working setups, but there's no built-in storage or USB charging for other devices. Still, it you want a simple standing desk with classic looks and easy functionality, this is a good choice.


  • +

    Four height presets

  • +

    Raises smoothly and quietly

  • +

    Very generous weight capacity


  • -

    No built-in storage

  • -

    No USB port

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When it comes to a healthier home office, the Seville Classics AirLift S3 is a great choice for those of you who want to experiment with a sit-standing setup, but don’t want to spend copious amounts of money on a desk. The AirLift S3 falls into the mid-price range of the best standing desks, yet punches above its weight in the style department alone. 

There’s some pretty nifty functionality going on under the hood too, and as we touch on throughout our Seville Classics AirLift S3 review, this could be your ideal desk if you want a medium-sized setup for your laptop and touch screen monitor to sit on. As well as leaving room for the odd house plant, of course. 

Seville Classics AirLift S3: Spec

Height range: 25.6 to 51.4 inches
Desktop size: 54 x 28 inches
Lifting capacity: 264lbs
Price: $479.99

As a company, Seville Classics is known for manufacturing high quality, good-looking height adjustable desks that won’t break your bank, and the AirLift S3 continues that tradition with aplomb. It’s designed to help you find the best posture for working, and is easily adjusted so that you achieve the perfect desk height whether you’re seated or standing. It can also be partnered with an ergonomic office chair

Just as you’ll find with other height adjustable desks, there’s plenty of room here for you to slot an under-desk treadmill underneath the Seville Classics AirLift S3. This means you can walk as you work. 

Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk review: Overview

With a 54 x 28 inch desktop, this Seville Classics standing desk will neatly fit into most home office spaces, all while accommodating most home computer setups. We’re a fan of walnut finish, which looks smart with the black height adjustable legs.  

While the Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk is arguably more stylish with its sleek colored glass top, it has a much smaller maximum weight capacity than the AirLift S3. 

The supreme ease of use is also a bonus, with four individual presets making the desk ideal for more than one person to use at different times, especially if one of you is taller. 

Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk review: Design

The Seville Classics AirLift S3 desk is a smart-looking desk with a traditional single, one-piece walnut laminate finish top that also looks great in a contemporary setting. The walnut-effect top brings just enough class to your working day, while the sturdy two-tier adjustable legs make raising and lowering the desk effortless. At 54 x 28 inches there’s room for all of your home working essentials, not to mention your morning cuppa.

Seville Classics AirLift S3 review

(Image credit: Seville Classics)

While the design is straightforward, sadly there’s no drawer or USB ports on offer, as found on some of Seville Classics’ other models. However, if you are looking for something classic and streamlined to work from in your home office, the AirLift S3 is worth considering. The controls sit neatly at the front of the desk and are straightforward to use with a simple push of the button. The display is nice and bright too, showing the information clearly on the LED screen.

The steel base is heavy duty and can take up to 264lbs, which is plenty for most people, although the Uplift V2 offers the highest capacity at 335lbs. Elsewhere, adjustable leveling feet keep things steady if you have an uneven floor or thick carpeting. Putting the desk together is simple and can be done in a relatively short period of time if you are used to building such furniture. If not, we would recommend asking a friend to help.

Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk review: Features

This adjustable desk is relatively straightforward in terms of features and functions, all of which starts with the four individual memory settings. This means you can program in your preferred heights for sitting and standing, and access them quickly throughout the day. This also makes it ideal for sharing with others who use the desk at different times to you, with each person able to set their own perfect sitting and standing heights.

Other features include powerful dual motors, which swiftly and smoothly move the legs so that the tabletop sits at a height between 25.6 inches and 51.4 inches high. Meanwhile, the classic-looking walnut laminate top is easy to clean – perfect for quickly taking care of those accidental spills. The Seville Classics AirLift S3 is tested compliant to the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 safety standard, so if it’s safe enough for commercial office environments, it will work just fine in your home office too.

The Seville Classics S3 desk is a smart ergonomic choice if you want a piece of furniture that’s not only functional and stylish, but helps you avoid the health issues associated with sitting for too long throughout the working day. This can be further amplified if you have the budget to invest in some under-desk exercise equipment, enabling you to workout as you work.

We also love the smooth bevelled edges, which feel comfy as you work, plus the simple controls make transitioning between sitting and standing easy to do. 

Seville Classics AirLift S3 review

(Image credit: Seville Classics)

Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk review: Support and user reviews

Feedback from existing customers is hugely positive, focusing on the finish, build and ease of assembly with the Seville Classics AirLift S3. There are only a handful of reviews on Seville Classics’ website so far, with all of them scoring either 4 out of 5 stars or 5 out of 5 stars. One existing customer explained how it has a, “Well built (heavy and solid) top & base, high quality product. Motor is quick, responsive and smooth. The memory function is a great addition to this product because it's frustrating going back and forth between positions and trying to push manually to get to the same position again.”

Another customer had an issue with missing parts, but confirmed that the Seville Classics customer service team rectified it: “Would've garnered 5 stars, but missing part and another that broke during assembly kind've soured the experience. Took two attempts to rectify the problems, but Seville customer service was very responsive. First parts they sent were incorrect, but sending photos helped them get it right the second time.”

Over at Amazon, nearly 75% of the 560+ reviews are 5 out of 5 stars, with comments such as, “I was in so much pain from sitting for my job and this has helped so much! It raises smoothly and with just a touch of a finger. It’s very sturdy.” Some negative comments mentioned having trouble with the assembly, while others said the desktop shook slightly, but there’s no way of telling whether that was a manufacturing issue or a problem with the assembly.

Should you buy the Seville Classics AirLift S3?

The AirLift S3 is smart and sturdy, and while it is relatively simple in terms of design and functions, it provides you with an ample amount of space – and height – to help you work well throughout the day. 

The smooth walnut laminate finish also gives this desk an extra layer of class. While it isn’t as great value for money as something like the FlexiSpot EN1 Electric Standing Desk, it isn’t the most expensive you’ll come across.

If you’re ready to experience how a height adjustable desk could benefit your posture and productivity throughout the working day, the Seville Classics AirLift S3 is a top-rated desk to get started with.

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