Pros / Typing Quick & Easy has eight entertaining games for kids to practice their typing skills, along with built-in music that helps develop typing rhythm and speed.

Cons / This software only provides a license for one user at a time.

 Verdict / Its typing games, comprehensive touch-typing lessons and usability make Typing Quick & Easy a good choice for typists of any age.

Typing Quick & Easy is suitable for all ages and combines two essentials of typing software for kids: entertainment and education. The application helps youngsters develop strong touch-typing skills in its comprehensive typing lessons and eight engaging games.

This program only allows one person to use the software, which is disappointing compared to some other applications that allow for multiple users. However, the software is feature-rich, and it will certainly come in handy as your child learns how to type. Typing Quick & Easy has neither pop-up encouragement nor a virtual typing tutor, which are two staples of many keyboarding applications for kids.

This keyboarding software offers ample typing instruction for kids and adults alike. The software boasts more than 50 typing lessons and 18 typing tests to help children build strong and fluent touch-typing capabilities. To keep your young typist involved and entertained, this software offers eight typing games, two fewer than Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz. You or your child can choose the challenge level, how long to play and set a words-per-minute (WPM) goal. The application's library of more than 250 practice articles and short stories is exceptionally valuable. Such a wide variety ensures that there is something appealing for your child and that he or she always has fresh practice material.

The application auto-saves all results, so if your child leaves the software in the middle of a lesson, the progress he or she made up to that moment is not lost. You can also customize many options. These include WPM goals, adjustable fonts and sound effects for correct and incorrect keystrokes. If your child is struggling with specific keys or fingers, you can create a custom typing lesson that targets those particular areas.

One feature that will appeal to kids, especially older ones, is the ability to listen to music while they work – a feature that will undoubtedly keep kids typing. The software comes with more than 50 built-in tracks that can help children develop a typing rhythm and increase their speed.

However, the software is easy to use, and even young children should have no problem navigating the simple interface. The menu options line the right side of the screen to help with easy navigation. As your child moves through each lesson, audio instructions tells him or her what to do next.

Typing Quick & Easy provides the reporting options that are important in kids typing software. It provides immediate results after every exercise and typing test, which include an accuracy percentage and an adjusted WPM rate – calculated by subtracting the number of typing errors from the gross WPM. Just like with Mickey's Typing Adventure, you can also view performance results based on certain fingers, left or right hand only, and specific keys and rows.

You can print performance reports and certificates of achievement, which are welcome rewards for genuine accomplishments. You can keep kids typing by displaying their progress reports and achievement certificates prominently.

This typing software comes with excellent support options, including direct manufacturer support and help resources you can reference while using the software. If you have installation or other technical issues, Individual Software, the application's manufacturer, provides live customer support via telephone and email. Your student can also access an in-application manual with a table of contents and search index.

This kids typing software only allows one user per license and lacks a virtual typing tutor, but Typing Quick & Easy remains a solid choice. The application delivers easy navigation, detailed progress reporting and games that will engage even the youngest typists.

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