Pros / There are six templates for discs and cases of different sizes.

Cons / This program can't make custom labels, so you won't be able to make your own nametags or address labels.

 Verdict / The Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is some of the best software for making cases for Blu-rays, CDs or DVDs of different sizes, though some of its promised features proved to be more trouble than they were worth.

The Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker specializes in disc labels for albums or CDs; you can also create DVD gifts for special events like weddings. While this program sacrifices other label making capabilities, this program can create up to six different kinds of disc labels for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

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Disc Labeling

The Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker has templates for six different disc labels. You can create labels for Blu-rays, Blu-ray cases, CDs, CD jewel cases, DVDs with half or full cases, and mini CDs. These are great options for CD photo albums, family DVDs or downloaded Blu-rays.

When you're creating labels for discs and their cases, the workspace is divided neatly into tabs. You can toggle between the CD label, case label and spine label to ensure your work is cohesive and matches throughout. 

Design Tools

 This program is full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, birthdays and weddings. Acoustica prints onto standard paper, sticker labels or CD jewel cases, or directly onto a CD or DVD.

You can use one of more than 500 different templates, or you can import graphics or your own photographs to make original labels. You can then edit the background image by changing colors, rotating it, making it lighter or darker, and even inverting the colors.

The text editor is simple and has a long list of fonts and custom colors to choose from. In case you want to choose a background to fit the disc perfectly, Acoustica has dozens of predesigned disc backgrounds for sports, birthdays, scenery and geometric designs. Other design tools include a centering tool that aligns text and images, and a gradient feature that blends colors.

Label Types

 Acoustica's specialization in disc labeling is useful, but it completely misses the mark with other label types. There are no templates or designs for mailing labels, tags or stickers. Most labeling programs, like SureThing or Label Factory, allow you to create custom templates based on size and shape that can serve as other labels, but Acoustica doesn't have this feature.

You can export disc labels as a JPEG, PNG or BMP. These file types are compatible with most photo editing or publishing programs. They're also easy to email or share online with others.

Ease of Use

 Acoustica's interface is clean and modern. You can edit text within a window or directly in the text box on your labels. It only took us a matter of minutes to create CD and case labels. Additionally, this program has several guide wizards to take you through the design process step by step. An introductory wizard that guides you quickly through the express-lane process, which lets you make a label in a hurry.

Acoustica now supports LightScribe technology, so you can burn labels directly to CDs and DVDs. This feature requires a compatible LightScribe drive. This label maker also boasts the track-importing feature that connects to music players like iTunes and Windows Media Player. The track import reads your playlists and displays track information on your new CD label. In theory, this saves you from cutting and pasting a long list of song titles, play times and artists.

However, we encountered some issues with this feature. We created a playlist from a store-bought CD in iTunes and Windows Media Player. It took several attempts for Acoustica to recognize the tracks we wanted inserted. Once we found the tracks we wanted to import, Acoustica couldn't list them all correctly.

Help & Support

 In terms of assistance, Acoustica has all the features we wanted to see in the best label making software. You can contact support directly through email and phone lines. The website also has tutorials for making labels, a FAQs section and a downloadable user manual.


Except for the track list manager, the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is easy to use, and it delivers on graphics and printing capabilities. If you need to create disc labels in a hurry, the express-lane wizard can help you from the moment you open the program. The design features are easy to find in the modern interface, and the tabbed workspace allows you to make disc and case labels while remaining organized.

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