Pros / You can export labels as PDFs to share with others.

Cons / There are no disc labeling options.

 Verdict / Label Maker Pro is more expensive than products with more features. While you can make simple labels quickly, you can't create much more than nametags and address labels.

The label making software Label Maker Pro specializes in office and stationery labels rather than those for discs. You can’t create any labels for CDs, DVDs or disc cases in this program, like you can with SureThing 6 or Acoustica. However, if you need office labels, nametags, address or shipping labels, fliers and custom envelopes, Label Maker Pro can be of assistance.

When you begin a making new label, you can choose between address, return address and shipping label sizes. This doesn’t give you much room for sticker labels or nametags, but these templates have several predesigned backgrounds to improve their looks. While backgrounds are helpful, the ones available in this program have a similarly stale look.

While it does lack CD labeling, Label Maker Pro covers the essentials for design tools. This label making program has a grid centering tool that helps you center and align text and graphics. You can also add edited text and clipart or your own images to your labels.

Working with text is strange in this program. A symptom of its outdated interface, you can't edit text in the text field on the workspace. Instead, the toolbar on the right serves as an all-purpose text editor. There, you enter text; change the font color, size and style; and add text effects.

The text editor is basic and allows you to adjust size, color and font as well as add effects to the text on your labels. Similarly, the clipart is simple. There isn’t a variety of subjects in the clipart like most programs. A majority of the images in the clipart library pertain to business and administration.

The interface is outdated, so its lack of features and old layout give this label maker a learning curve. This program isn't compatible with Avery paper and there are no photo editing tools. If you do want to edit your labels in a more advanced program, you can export them as PDFs.

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Label Maker Pro is a good fit if you need simple office labels. This program is a bit outdated and stale, meaning it's missing common features found in other label programs. You can create simple office and business labels with Label Maker Pro, but its price tag doesn't match its outdated look and features.

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