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In our reviews, we detail which internet browsers are the fastest, most convenient and most secure.


The SeaMonkey browser suite is an open-source, community internet browser. This means any developer, marketer or tester interested in adding a new feature or tool can do so, then make it available on

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a simple web browser that’s easy to navigate. While it wasn’t as fast as Mozilla Firefox in speed and navigation tests, Chrome still performed better than average. It is t

Internet Explorer

Microsoft isn’t releasing new versions of Internet Explorer, opting instead to focus development efforts on Edge. However, since Edge is only compatible with Windows 10 and several websites and

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the fastest web browser we tested, and it has a simple design that makes it easy to find settings and tools and navigate to sites. It lets your browse in private windows and has customizabl


Opera is one of the oldest web browsers currently available. It runs on the Google Chromium system, meaning it uses the base, open-source program of Google Chrome but tweaks it a bit to add its own fe

Avant Browser

The Avant Browser is an internet browser that performs pretty well but doesn’t have as many features as others, and it takes a bit longer than average to navigate to webpages. This browser can b


Maxthon is a basic web browser that runs smoothly and is compatible with every operating system, including iOS and Android. It has standard features found in popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox a


Safari is Apple’s internet browser, and it is only compatible with Mac computers, iPhones and iPads. It isn’t as versatile as browsers like Firefox and Chrome because it isn’t compat


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